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high blood sugar, ketones = sleep deprived

I worked an hour late this afternoon since tomorrow is youngest daughter’s quarterly appointment with the endocrinologist. When I got home, she was in bed sleeping. Oldest daughter and son said she had a snack after school and then went to bed. Not typical behavior for her. Not at all.

I checked her temperature, no fever. Then I had her get up and check her blood sugar. 552. Her goal range is 80 to 150. She also has large ketones. The goal is to not have any ketones in the urine. Large = >160 mg/dL. These numbers worry me. Especially since her numbers were good this morning before I dropped her off at school. I wonder if this is the beginning of puberty and if this is a little taste of what the hormonal changes that come along with puberty can do to insulin and blood sugar levels in the body.

I’ll be up every 2 hours with her through the night checking blood sugar and ketones, hoping her numbers are back to normal by morning. I’m really glad that she has an appointment with the endocrinologist tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE:  At 4:00 am, her blood sugar was 187.  I could finally sleep peacefully at that point, for 2 hours, until time to get up.