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a dinosaur and a tree

I pass this dinosaur each day on my way to work.  I’m not sure why he’s at this particular place of business.  It’s some sort of concrete or statuary place, I think.  I don’t think it’s an icon… er, mascot… uhm, symbol… whatever it’s called.  My mind is blank right now when it comes to that word.

I wonder if the dinosaur has a name.  I call him Charlie.  Because Charlie Weasley (Harry Potter series) worked with dinosaurs in Romania.  Remember?

The photo is not the best I’ve ever taken.  I was driving down the road, holding my right arm out across the car, as I drove by Charlie at 70 miles an hour (the speed limit right there), looking straight ahead and hoping I clicked at the right moment.  Considering all of that, I think it’s great that Charlie is even in the photo, don’t you?

When I logged in to my T-Mobile account to get the photo, I saw an offer stating that if I sign up for paperless billing, T-Mobile will plant a tree in my honor through the Arbor Day Foundation.  So I signed up.  A tree will be planted in an area that needs trees.  The notice I read said areas like southern California and New Orleans need trees.  Tree planting will be there and other places where trees are having trouble growing back on their own.  I’m happy to have been able to save a tree and have a tree planted by not having bills sent to my home each month. I never really read the bills anyway.  I usually look at my charges online and the bill is paid automatically from my bank account, so no paper is being used for that either!