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About a month ago, I found this email in my inbox:


My name is Susan Wagner; I am BlogHer.com’s Contributing Editor for Fashion and Shopping, and the managing editor of BlogHer’s BeautyHacks project. We have a special opportunity available to Oklahoma City area bloggers, and we would like to invite you to participate. In case you’re not aware, BeautyHacks is BlogHer’s newly launched fashion and beauty site; we offer tips and tricks and product reviews to help you be a more beautiful you. In September we are launching a fashion component, and we’ve partnered with JC Penney to offer eight bloggers the chance to go shopping — with me!

It’s the next best thing to having Clinton and Stacy come to your house. I promise.

BlogHer will provide you with a $300 JC Penney gift card to shop for clothing, but — as they say on What Not to Wear — there’s a catch. No, I’m not going to come to your house and throw away all of your existing clothes, but I am going to ask that you spend one day (approximately three hours) shopping with me, not on your own. And by “shopping with me” I mean letting me help you pick out clothes, for work or play or whatever you need right now.

This will be fun. Really!

If you are willing and able to participate, please get back to me as soon as possible.
I look forward to shopping with you!


I responded as soon as I could that YES! I would love to go shopping! Plus, what fun to get to meet Susan, go shopping for free clothes and have a personal shopping consultant all in the same day!

In my emails to Susan prior to shopping, I mentioned to her that I recently (a couple of months ago) moved into management at work and needed to update my wardrobe a bit, so business casual attire was on the agenda.

The big day came and we met at the JCPenney at an Oklahoma City mall. Susan is great, has a good eye (well, she has two good eyes, but can spot cute clothes in a sea of frumpy clothes in an instant) and is easy to be around.

I found these pants, which were the only pants I tried on the whole time that fit. When I got home, I realized that they probably fit better than the others because they’re petite. The others were average length and they all bunched up at the top of my legs (I think the crotch was too long) and at the bottom of each leg (the pant legs were too long – even for tall shoes). I think petite must have more to do with length and less to do with width, which I found interesting. I have always equated petite sizes with small people, although I knew early on that petite jackets fit me better because I’m short-waisted.  I’m so happy to have figured this out.  It will make shopping for pants in the future a much more pleasant experience.

Susan found this shirt in light blue. I tried it – loved it!

I also got a great black swing sweater like the pumpkin colored one Shana got when she shopped with Susan. I had mentioned how the office where I work is cold all year round, and this sweater is perfect. I actually don’t have a photo of it because it’s on the back of my desk chair and I keep forgetting to take my camera to work. I wear it almost every day when the temperature gets chilly. It’s the perfect weight and looks much better than a hoodie or denim jacket would.

We found this shirt in berry crush. I love the color and the 3/4 length sleeve.

I got more compliments when wearing this purple sweater than with any other of my new clothes.

People mentioned how good the color is with my skin and hair, how it’s a lovely sweater, how I need to wear purple more often. After wearing it, I thought about buying 5 more shirts in this exact color so I could be just as lovely every day.  🙂 Actually, I’ve seen a lot more purple around lately. Susan is right- purple is a good color this season.

Before leaving I wanted to look for a new bag. Susan had me try out a few bags to see which worked best for me – for the way I like to carry a bag on my shoulder and which size works best for my body type.  I’ve not really done that before, I’ve always just picked bags that I thought looked good hanging on the rack.  This makes so much sense, though.  This great bag has been a great find. Photobucket

I also got two great suede-like jackets in brown and a lovely moss green.  These are great with a t-shirt, cute jeans and a pair of boots for casual Fridays or an easy weekend look that’s not too fussy but not slouchy either.


Thanks so much, JCPenney, BlogHer and Susan for the fun shopping trip!

You can win your own JCPenney shopping trip with a virtual consultation with Susan by clicking here.

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