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Seventy Six Trombones

Last night, I volunteered at THE MUSIC MAN. It was a really great performance and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had forgotten most of the songs and now have them running through my head. I’m thinking of finding the soundtrack so I can torture my children with it during trips to the mall and grocery store.



6th of July fireworks

Since it rained on 04 July, we did some fireworks tonight. I messed around with the “fireworks” setting on my camera and had a great time. 🙂

Here are a few photos:






A few nights ago, we had a thunderstorm on the way when I noticed lightning in the distance.

Have you heard that saying about how lightning never strikes in the same place twice? Well, I know that’s not true. One of my friends from high school had her phone line struck multiple times during our high school years. I don’t know exactly how many times it happened, but it was at least twice.

Each time I hear someone say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, I think about that and sometimes I tell them the story of how the lightning struck her phone.


I have tons of these beautiful lillies blooming in my flower beds right now.


This is Toto, my parents’ newest little dog. He’s 10 weeks old and is Penelope’s son. Penelope is my niece’s dog.

He and Hollie play together all day long – wrestling, growling, rolling around, chasing each other, seeming very happy to have each other to hang out with.

one week down, two to go

J. has been at Camp Sweeney for one week today. She’s been able to email several times and is having a wonderful time. They’ve been to a drive-in movie, she’s caught her first fish and a turtle, she’s broken her sandals and I’ve had to mail more to her. She’s taken a canoeing class and has spent lots of time at the pool. She’s had lots of low blood sugars (40, 47, 62, etc.) because she’s so much more active at camp than she typically is at home. They’ve adjusted her basal rate from midnight to 8am (0.15 unit less insulin per hour) and are going to see how she does with that. They’ll adjust it more if needed. I’m relieved that a full medical staff are on site and that her counselors either have type I diabetes or are well-trained before the campers arrive.

they say it’s his birthday…


Photo posted on Flickr by Contacto Digital

Happy 46th Birthday, Johnny!