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Thursday Thirteen #48

thirteen thoughts

1. It’s been good to be back at work this week.
2. The past six weeks I was home recovering from a hysterectomy.
3. I think I said, “I’m much better, thanks! Good to see you too!” more on Monday than I ever have in my life.
4. It’s been good to get caught up with everyone at work again.
5. After working with people for several years, day in-day out, it was strange to not see them every day.
6. I’m glad that Chrissie is working with me. Well, not with me, but at the same company.
7. It’s fun to ride to and from work with her and Mom.
8. It’s nice to have time to visit with no interruptions (children).
9. I’m exhausted.
10. I thought that not taking naps for the past couple of weeks would help, but it hasn’t as much as I’d hoped.
11. Life has been much easier this week with dinners already planned out and mostly prepared ahead of time.
12. The kids have not been fans of most of the new recipes I’ve tried.
13. I’ll have them help me pick recipes and plan the “do ahead” cooking next time.

Many thanks to AnaMaria at the JohnnyDeppZone for the photo.

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the "dot-dot" another overheard conversation

Phoebe: What am I supposed to type after the dot-dot?

Ross: What are you talking about “dot-dot?” It’s a COLON!

Phoebe: No, it’s a dot-dot.

Ross: Whatever.

ear candling?

Have you ever seen ear candling?

I saw it for the first time today as I walked through the office from the break room out to the atrium to eat my lunch. Yes, it was happening in the office. I saw a coworker standing beside another coworker holding a big wax funnel type thing that was on fire at one end. It looked like a huge cigar that was on fire. They did not use a protective plate like the photograph on this Wickipedia page.

Evidently, the heat somehow loosens the wax & stuff inside there and makes it come out into the cone/candle. The coworker whose ear was being candled said she heard popping inside her ear.

I’m often amazed by what people do while on the clock. I’d not ever find it appropriate to do that on company time.

cattle guards

A co-worker who grew up in rural Oklahoma was telling a story yesterday and swore up & down that cattle guards are a really new discovery. Evidently, they just made it to the town she grew up in sometime in the past 20 years. She was talking about the days before they had cattle guards.

When I told her that cattle guards had been around for a long time & that they were not new, she didn’t believe me. I also grew up in a small Oklahoma town and have seen cattle guards ever since I can remember. I don’t actually remember a specific first memory of a cattle guard because they were just always there, on roads, keeping cows & other livestock from crossing.

According to Wise Geek dot com, cattle guards (aka cattle grids) have been around for a lot longer than 20 years. Specifically, 1915 was the year they were patented by William J. Hickey.

So there.

Kool-Aid pickles

Have you heard of these?

Maybe I’m completely out of the loop, but I just heard about Kool-Aid flavored pickles today at work.

It’s just not an appetizing thought. But, then, I’m funny about foods. I’ve not ever tasted Mountain Dew (the color.. ick!), and cannot bear the thought of jelly beans (the texture), or most gummy, sugary candies. Too much for me.

Here’s an article I found on the New York Times when searching on Google. Evidently these pickles are all the rage in much of the South. Maybe I should whip up a batch (jar) and see what my kids think.

Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times.

overheard conversation

Monica: When I am finished rebuilding the car, I’m going to get a personalized license plate for it. I like having them for my other car & truck.

Monica: Hey. Where do they make license plates? Do prisoners still make them?

Monica: Hey, Ross. Do prisoners still make license plates?

Ross: No. They don’t. Not anymore. Just in movies.

Monica: Really?

Have you ever tried so hard to hold back laughter that you were afraid you’d snort?

Mexican Wedding Cakes

For work, we had a pot luck lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I made Mexican Wedding Cakes. They’re small cookies and remind me of Pecan Sandies. I used flour, shortening, sugar and vanilla, then added walnuts. I rolled them into small balls, walnut size, then placed them on a greased cookie sheet. The oven was preheated to two hundred degrees, and the cookies were baked for about forty minutes. The directions said twenty-five to thirty-five minutes, but I thought they needed a bit more time. When I took them out, I rolled them in powdered sugar before they cooled.

phone call #999,999

A: Which procedure is it that pays by DRG? Arthroplasties?

B: No, arthrograms

A: How do you spell that?

B: a-r-t-h-r-o-g-r-a-m

A: Oh. Ok. I got it right.

Doh. It really wouldn’t be a big deal if I’d not answered that same question all those other 999,998 times (this week). 🙂

Chicken Littles (part 2)

This morning at work, someone thought they smelled a natural gas leak. I’m not even sure that our building uses natural gas. I thought it used only electric service.

The flock of Chicken Littles started up again with their gloom and doom predictions. They were all getting headaches from the fumes, we needed to evacuate & go home so the building didn’t blow up, we were all going to die in a gas explosion.  Good grief.

We all left the building and the natural gas people came out & went thru with the maintenance crew. No gas leak. Mysteriously, the smell disappeared by the time we all came back in the building.

I never smelled it, by the way. My only headache was from all the Chicken Little end of the world crap.

I think someone must have heard a news report of a big gas leak about 10 miles away from our building. Several businesses & apartment complexes had to be evacuated b/c of a natural gas leak this morning.

The Chicken Littles make me tired.

I work with a whole flock of Chicken Littles

When I got to work on Tuesday morning, a lot of the people I work with were running around pointing at the walls & ceilings talking about cracks in the walls & the building falling. We’re on the bottom floor of a 3 story building. I could hear popping/cracking noises and noticed that the main door didn’t open easily.. it seemed to be hung unevenly. Other doors wouldn’t open at all. The floor is sunken in some places (concrete underneath, so that’s kind of weird), raised in others.

People were saying that the building was going to fall on us & that it was crumbling as we sat there attempting to work…. can you say DRAMATIC??

Soon building maintenance had been called, the CEO, CFO, VP were called, structural engineers were called in. It was finally decided that the building had shifted b/c the interstate (1/2 block away) is being widened & a lot of deep digging has taken place lately. Evidently, everything under the ground shifted from 1 1/2 blocks away and the only structure to feel the effects of it was the building that I work in. Whatever.

I think it was caused from the digging that’s been going on in the parking lot that’s right outside the front door of the building. The phone company crew has been digging up the parking lot.. something that has to do with fiber-optics…should that be one word, two words, hyphenated??? anyway, I’m not sure what they’re doing exactly but it supposedly has to do with phone lines.

The engineers said that we & the building are in no immediate danger & that it will do no good to fix the building until the construction of the interstate is completed.. so the building will be repaired in 2025 (that’s how long highway projects seem to take around here).

Some of the doors still will not open, structural walls have cracks in them, the elevator has rust or red dirt, an Oklahoma trademark, coming out from under it (really gives a feeling so security, I must say), some of the walls are slanting now & one lady runs into the wall whenever she walks past my desk. I have had fun teasing her about having an equilibrium problem b/c throughout the day I keep hearing her say, “Damn it! I did it again!”

These doomsday-end-of-the-world type people reminded me of the Y2K scare tactic so much. I had a neighbor who in Oct, Nov and Dec of 1999 gathered bottled water, canned food, toilet paper, deodorant, batteries, candles, all kinds of stuff. We lived on an Army base in Louisiana at the time & I had never met anyone like her, so I kept asking her what she was doing & why. By the time 12-31-99 came, she had enough stuff to last about 4 or 5 months for her family of 6. She cautioned me to fill up my bathtub & sinks with water in case we had no water the next morning. She advised me to stock up on essentials that my family would need since food would be scarce. She was convinced that we’d not be able to use our ATM cards/credit cards or to buy gas & that we’d have no electricity or telephone service. I bet she still has deodorant & toilet paper from then! I was amazed at her preparedness… although I thought it a bit strange & frantic.

I call that the CHICKEN LITTLE syndrome… you know… The sky is falling! The world is ending! Take cover! Not sure if there’s an official name for this behavior or not… so that’s what I’ve named it.

Maybe the overreaction this week at work was due to the fact that many of these people lived in this area when the Murrah Building was bombed. Not sure. It’s interesting. I lived in Los Angeles when it happened. My son was 2 weeks old & I couldn’t reach my parents here in the OKC area & I was worried.. but I know I didn’t experience the intense feelings that the people from central Oklahoma were feeling.