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Seventy Six Trombones

Last night, I volunteered at THE MUSIC MAN. It was a really great performance and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had forgotten most of the songs and now have them running through my head. I’m thinking of finding the soundtrack so I can torture my children with it during trips to the mall and grocery store.


international trailer #2

Guess what movie opens in the United States on 01 July 2009?

Yep! Public Enemies.
I’m counting the days…

it’s finally here!

Tomorrow night is the night the kids are seeing The Lion King. I cannot wait to see their reactions to the music, costumes, and the whole experience. They’ve seen many productions over the years, but I think this will surpass all the others.

Working at the show, I’ve had a chance to see new parts of the production each time. I’ve seen actors up close in their costumes, have seen them warming up, have visited with their friends and relatives who are working at the merchandise table. I’ve seen countless numbers of parents who are smiling, obviously thinking of how their child(ren) will love the show, so happy that they can bring them to have the experience of seeing the live production.

Whenever I have a chance, I’ll be watching the faces of my children tomorrow night, feeling joy when I see the wonder and happiness steal across their faces, feeling a thrill that I was able to be part of the experience with them.

When we get home and the kids go to bed with strains of “Can you hear the love tonight” whispering through their memory, I’ll watch the Biggest Loser finale (thanks, DVR) and breathe a little sigh of happiness for having one more good memory with my children, one more thing that they’ll look back on and remember fondly.

The king has arrived

The Lion King, that is… in Oklahoma City. 🙂 Performances began this past Tuesday and will continue through most of May.

This afternoon was the first time for Mom and I to volunteer for this show. We’ll volunteer at least five more times plus work in the concession stand twice over the next five weeks.

The show today was amazing.
A M A Z I N G.
It was much more than I thought it would be, even after the preview Chrissie and I attended last fall.

At the preview, many members of the cast sang a few songs from the production sans costumes. We also saw a video about costume design and many of the costumes were presented. At the end, we were given goodie bags with a program book, a stuffed toy of one of the characters (I got Scar), a dvd of show previews and a soundtrack cd.

The first song, The Circle of Life, when all the animals gathered around Pride Rock for baby Simba to be presented, was incredible. I’m not sure why, but at one point, I felt tears coming and had to force them back.

If you live near a city where The Lion King will be performed, I highly recommend that you attend if it’s at all possible.

who will lose the most?

Do you watch Biggest Loser?
It’s one of the only shows I watch. The others are Last Restaurant Standing and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (both on BBC America).

I digress.

Did you watch BL tonight?
I cannot tell you how completely sick I am of that Helen’s crying about everything. Each time she’s on camera, she’s either bragging, crying about something or sending her daughter home so she can be selfish and stay on the show.

Ron is diabolical and I am still waiting for him to get voted off, but time is running out. They should have voted him off when they had the chance way back at the beginning of the season. The Godfather control freak stuff is getting old and he seriously needs to face the reality that he is not the boss of everyone. If he’d back off and quit spending all his time trying to push his son to the top by begging and trying to martyr himself, he could learn to be healthy for himself.

I wish Tara could see that she deserves to treat herself well, to be healthy and quit doubting her strength. That girl wins the challenges even when the odds are stacked against her, she keeps going and doesn’t quit, she has determination, is scrappy and is a winner. She’s turning out to be one of my favorite contestants.

It looks like Kristen’s weight loss this week was due to her not eating enough. She must not have remembered how last season Vicki’s husband didn’t lose much weight when he didn’t eat enough. It’s the opposite of how it seems weight loss should work, isn’t it? The video they made for Bob of their food showed that they weren’t eating enough, didn’t it? I think that’s what caused this week’s result.

Bob must be a great trainer. His teams always love him. Jillian is my favorite, though. I think she’s really great. I like her no-nonsense view of things and how she helps her team members recognize and start working through the issues that got them where they were when they came on the show. I’m sure Bob does that, too, but I relate more with to Jillian helps her team members.

I won’t say more, in case you haven’t seen this week’s show yet. The kids and I are happy that we have just a couple more weeks until the final weigh in. The last show is always so exciting. I love seeing how far everyone has come.

the trailer

Public Enemies opens on July 1, 2009.  See you there!


Day 60
This afternoon I was out at my parents’ house. This was the outdoor temperature around 2:00 pm.


This is Marvin.  As in, Starvin’ Marvin.  She is Mom and Dad’s cat.  My niece calls her Sunny, because she likes to sit in the sun.


Snip was rather irritated that I did not have any apples or carrots in my pockets this afternoon.  He kept trying to get my shirt and hands.  At one point, he even thought the camera strap might make a good snack.


Day 59
On Saturday, I cooked Chick-fil-A for lunch.


Day 58
Friday night I volunteered at the George Lopez show at the Civic Center.  This was my view from where I was working before the show.  I was across the bridge scanning tickets.


I had another chance to use the binoculars Dad gave me and now have them adjusted perfectly for my vision.  Each side adjusts, so the view is a custom-fit for my eyes.  Love that!



When I grow up, I want to take photos that are as moving as the photos shown  in the USAToday Day in Pictures section.  Each day, I’m amazed by the stories told in the chosen photos from around the world.


Day 40

“I put some on before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, you don’t have acne. That’s a good feeling!”

This commercial cracks me up! How can he put on the mask and when he wakes up, I don’t have acne?

Wait! I know… It’s a miracle mask! YIPPEE!

And look who else is a mask user… Jasper Hale!


Day 11

Smokey is very tough when playing with his Santa toy.  🙂

Good grief, our grass looks awful.  I’m looking forward to spring and the regrowth of green grass!


Did you happen to see my favorite actor (Johnny Depp) presenting an award on the Golden Globes tonight?  I did.  He’s lovely.


Day 4

Tonight I took J. and M. (niece) to see Twilight again. I snapped this photo of them as we were waiting for the previews to begin.

Since they’ve both read the book now, they talked about the differences between the book and the movie all the way home.  It’s the first time J. has seen the movie since reading the book.  She now understands how frustrated her older sister and brother used to get when their favorite parts were left out of the Harry Potter movies.

We agreed that the characters for Alice, Jasper and Emmett are our favorites in the movie.

J. is completely hyped up now that we’re home from the movie, talking non-stop to B. about the differences she noticed.


The kids and I saw Twilight yesterday.  We’re going to see it again today with my good friend, C.  She’s seen the movie twice already.  Actually, I’ve mentioned before that she and my oldest daughter are who introduced me to the Stephenie Meyer books.

I enjoyed the movie.  A lot. The important parts of the book remained although a few elements were added to move the storyline along.  While I’d love to see a movie made exactly as the book is written, I know that’s not really practical.

My kids each have their own favorite character.

B, my 15 yr old daughter, has a huge crush on Jacob Black:

Book two, New Moon, is her favorite because of how his character develops and plays a big role in the storyline.

J, 13 yr old son, liked James best.  J. has liked this actor in other movies and wants to figure out an exercise routine that will give him a stomach like his.

J, 12 yr old daughter, has put her tent right in the middle of Camp Edward.  She was not interested at all in reading the books until now.

Me?  The Edward in my head is MUCH cuter than the movie version, but the movie grew on me as I watched.  About halfway through I started thinking that the characters looked right.  A few times I thought the angle of the camera made Edward’s head look too big for his body – like a Bratz doll – and of course, no human actor one could move with as much grace as Edward and the Cullens did in the book.  That’s not a drawback in any way, but was noticeable.

I’m looking forward to seeing it again this afternoon and many more times in the future.  🙂

C, these are for you!


I’m done with that Vicky on The Biggest Loser.  Done.  Finished.  Over it.

Do you hear me?  D-O-N-E.

I am seriously considering not watching any more this season because I really cannot stand to see another week’s worth of her poor sportsmanship.  I wanted so badly for her to go home this week with her nasty attitude and snarky comments about other participants.

I’d hate to be Vicky right now.  I cannot imagine watching the show from home with my family if it were me they were seeing acting so spitefully.  I’d be ashamed for my children to see such abhorrent words coming from my mouth and for my family to see me behaving so vengefully.  Of course, Vicky may feel no shame or embarrassment for acting in such a way and how much more of a pity that would be.

Shame on you, Vicky.  I hope you saw in your behavior on tonight’s show how repulsive a poor sport really is.

That is all.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been looking forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy all summer.  Guess what?  I totally forgot it was coming on tonight.  I’ve been catching up on email, cooking dinner, recording blood sugar numbers, urging J. to check her ketones and drink more water, visiting with the kids, tra-la-la!  Then I realized, when I saw that it was 8:39pm, that I’d missed 40 minutes of the 2 hour show!  My tv is now on the correct channel, and is paused so I can watch it in a bit when things calm down some around here.  Bedtime is always a flurry of activity.  Making sure we have clothes for tomorrow, showers taken, J. checking her blood sugar, teeth brushed, and that the kitchen is cleaned comes ahead of almost everything else.

Tonight, J. has been drinking tons of water and giving herself correction boluses to bring her blood sugar back to her normal range.  This afternoon she called me from school, feeling nauseated, crampy and icky with high blood sugar and ketones.  We’ve spent the afternoon with the blood sugar meter, big glasses of water and ketone strips handy.  Her ketones are down to moderate now, her blood sugar is gradually dropping, and her spirits seem better.

If I fall asleep before I watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight, I’ll just watch it online sometime this weekend.

laughter yoga

Yesterday at the Farmers Market, Chrissie and I saw a little circle of people over to the side of the building taking deep breaths, making faces at each other and laughing. As we stood in line to buy some veggies (tomatoes, okra, eggplant, squash and cucumbers), we saw that other people in line were noticing and asking about those laughing people too. The stand owner and her daughter said that they thought the laughers were called THE LAUGH SQUAD or something like that. They weren’t sure why they were over there laughing, but thought it might be to bring smiles to market patrons.

As we were walking away, Chrissie and I saw a sign that said LAUGHTER YOGA and had an arrow pointing in their direction over there under the trees. I was a little skeptical, having not ever heard of laughter yoga until that moment.

Guess what? It really does exist! It’s not some made-up thing that a bunch of weird Oklahomans were doing at the Farmers Market to entertain the masses. It’s an actual form of exercise. Even Oprah agrees (scroll to the bottom of the linked page to see a quote from Oprah about laughter yoga).

Since I like laughing and all (see the name of my blog), I’m thinking this might be the perfect form of exercise for me to explore. 🙂