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getting DD11 from diabetes camp

I hugged DD11 for the longest time when I saw her!

I went into the cabin & couldn’t find her. I saw her bags all packed up by her bed, but she was not there. Her counselor had to go get her. She was in the bathroom “doing” her hair. When I hugged her, we both had tears rolling down our faces.

On the last night of camp, she was awarded the Code of Life award, the highest honor bestowed at the camp. One child from each cabin gets the award during each session. Her cabin mates & counselors voted on things like integrity, spirit, sense of humor, leadership, attitude, friendship, etc. She got to sign her name on a piece of paper & then have it burned into the Code of Life wall in the lodge. She was so cute showing me.

When we got home, she was very happy, dancing around & singing karaoke with DD13 & two of their cousins (ages 13 & 9), and telling stories. She’s tan, tired & happy and full of knowledge & stories.

I’m so glad she’s home. I could hardly sleep Friday night with the anticipation.

We’re leaving today for a week in Branson. I’m looking forward to having a relaxing time with my kiddos plus one niece, hanging out by the pool & hunting around in antique shops.

countdown tickers

Many people find their way to my blog looking for the weight loss ticker that I put on my blog in 2005. It has been removed. However, I’ve made a few samples tickers for you to see.

Visit ticker factory dot com to make your own tickers for all occasions.

A visit today

from the kids’ dad was a pleasant one. After his wife called yesterday morning to talk to me about when the kids could come for a visit, XH called in the evening to say that he was coming this way & that he’d call when he got close (arrived at 4am). He asked if he could spend the first part of today with the kids before driving the 6 hours back. Of course, I said YES! The kids were so excited to wake up & find him sleeping on the couch. I know that’s a bit unorthodox.. but he asked, I said ok b/c I thought making him sleep in his car would be mean & having him pay for a hotel room for 3 or 4 hours was just silly.. so he slept on the couch for a few hours… it worked for us.

He spent the morning & early afternoon with the kids. They had a wonderful time. We decided to meet 1/2 way between our cities on Friday the 29th (oldest daughter’s 12th birthday) for the kids to go home with him for 2 weeks. They’ll get back about 5 days before school starts.

The kids are thrilled. If he doesn’t meet me 1/2 way on that day, I’ll drive them the whole way on Saturday the 30th. Either way, I’ll make sure that they get to go. They deserve to have time with him.

He told me today that his unit is going to Afganistan/Iraq in either September or November.. more than likely November. Their orders seem to keep changing between the 2 dates. He’s been told it’ll be a one year tour.

I know he loves the kids. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at them. I see it when he cries as he leaves them. I hear it in his voice when he speaks to them. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t plan ahead so he can see them more often. Today was the first time they’ve seen him since mid-May. Before that, it was early March.

Granted, that’s a lot more than some kids get to see their dads.. like those who live across the country. But this man lived 1 1/2 hours away for 4 years until last November and now is about 6 hours away.

The kids are excited. The ex and his wife will take them to Sea World.. they get free admission since they’re active duty service members. The kids would have fun even if they didn’t do anything big like that… they’d be happy playing board games, watching movies & going to the park.. the main thing is having TIME with him.. not entertainment.

The kids are happy & are counting the days until their “vacation.” Shhh….. so am I! 🙂

Our TV

has not been turned on at all today…. it’s 11:15am on a Saturday. Phenomenal.

I went into son’s room this morning at 3:30am (woke up when youngest daughter came in to ask if she could sleep in my room) and oldest daughter was laying on son’s floor with her pillow & a sheet listening with son to the audio book. Son was sleeping at the time.

I’ve read the first 4 chapters (three before falling asleep this morning & one chapter after I woke up), oldest daughter is reading chapter eight laying in the hallway floor upstairs, son is listening in his room & is in chapter 7, youngest daughter just woke up & has heard a few things from son & oldest daughter but will start listening from the beginning soon.

It’s a Potter-kind-of-day at our house. 🙂

My mom called this morning at 8:00am to see how it went last night. She & my dad are going on vacation this week & stopped by a bookstore to get the book before heading out of town. My dad just rolls his eyes. Mom is going to read while they drive the RV to Colorado.

Mom & Dad’s best friends (well, Dad’s best friend since junior high & his wife, who is now Mom’s good friend) are going with them. Dad & his friend have been messing with their new walkie talkies to make sure they can talk as they drive. Mom just said, “Good grief. If I didn’t want to avoid driving, I’d say that the boys need to ride together & let the girls ride together!” ha! Funny stuff.

She said that their friends are not as excited about the new Harry Potter book as she is… but that’s ok. She’ll just read as Dad drives….

when she’s not being interrupted by walkie-talk…. “Breaker breaker 1-9. Over & out. Roger that.”