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less red eye, part 3

I woke this morning with a much less red eye. YIPPEE!

Here’s a photo I took about 5 minutes ago. In my kitchen. With the overhead light shining in my eyes. Obviously, it’s not a great photo, but you get the idea. Less red, a little puffy, and still quite green. The important thing is that there’s less.

Less red, less itching, less burning, less pain.

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red eye, part 2

When I woke up this morning, my eye was still red. I called one of the doctors I work for and went in to his office at 11am. After staining my eye and peering at it with a black light, he said there’s no scratch on it. He then said it must be a bacterial infection and gave me a prescription for drops that are contain both antibiotic and steroid. He said if it’s not better in a week, I need to see an opthamologist.

Here’s my eye at 2:30pm this afternoon…

I guess after all these red eyed pictures, I’ll have to post a clear eyed picture after this has healed.

For the past few days, each time I think about needing eyedrops, I keep hearing that eye drop commercial guy in my head saying, “Do you have DRY eyes?” in his dry-nasal voice.

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red eye

I woke up today with my red eye almost solid red, very puffy, and with lots of sinus pressure behind the eye. By afternoon it had cleared up a bit (with the help of antihistamines and eye drops). Here’s what it looked like about 3 hours ago.

If it’s still bad tomorrow morning, I’ll probably have to go to the doctor.

Looking on the bright side, having the red eye makes my hazel eyes look VERY green. 🙂

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Co-worker: Hey, Natalie, they have Far Bowls upstairs.
Me: What?
Co-worker: Far Bowls.
Me: What are Far Bowls?

[Co-worker shows a little box of candy to me]

Me: Aah… Fire Balls! (candy)

This goes to show that it’s hard to talk with a mouth full of candy!

(I cannot find a photo of a box of the candy right now,
so this bag will have to do…)

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red lights

Captain Jack believes that one of Dante’s cirles of Hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers.

I happen to believe that those betrayers and mutineers will be driving down an unending road with redlights at every other block/intersection and having to stop at each and every light.

And at each of those lights, having to wait for 3 complete minutes.
Behind the slowest driver in America.
Who will not turn off his blinker.


That, my friends, is a good definition of HELL today.

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sometimes it’s not about you (or her, as it were)

Sometimes, I have things going on and don’t get around to calling friends to visit. Especially when I’m upset or worried. I am not one to call and talk for hours about it.

During my divorce, I talked about it. I think it was part of the healing.
But now, I really don’t do that so much.

A text message today implied that I’ve not called because I’m upset with a friend. I’m not upset. It’s not about her. I’ve just had things going on that I don’t feel like discussing. And I get tired of listening to personal details that are really none of my business.

It makes me tired to think about it. I guess it can’t just be that I’ve had a lot to think (and worry) about these past couple of weeks. Instead, it seems that it must be about her, how I’ve hurt her feelings and how I don’t call to check on her or want to talk. Nevermind that it’s right in the middle of the chaotic hour, that special time when the kids are to be getting ready for the next day and settling down for bedtime. I mean, that’s the perfect time to talk on the phone, right?


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