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tribal chief

When the kids and I were in Broken Bow, we went to Beavers Bend State Park. This regal Indian Chief sits in front of the Forest Heritage Center. I remember when the artist carved the tribal Chief with a chain saw. We drove up and watched him work one afternoon and I thought it was amazing that he could create such detail with something as large as a chainsaw. I’ve looked for information about the artist online, but haven’t found anything yet.



When I forced everyone to stand in front of the chief, some of the kids were tired, hot and ready to be in the water. Can you tell?


post office


One of my favorite memories of childhood is of playing post office. We used the brick wall in front of the carport as our mail boxes. The holes in the brick wall were the mailboxes. We’d work and work, writing letters and putting them in the mail slots for each other.

tire swing

This tire swing hangs at the house where I grew up.  I cannot tell you how many memories I have of jumping off the fence onto the swing and flying through the air with the sky showing a little through the branches and leaves of this big oak tree.


When I was back in my hometown this past weekend, we stayed at my grandparents’ house with Granny, Aunt M. and Uncle D.  Granny’s house is next door to the house where I grew up, the house my dad and grandpa built, the house we moved into when I was in 2nd grade.

Saturday afternoon, we walked over to see the old tire swing and told the kids some stories about how much fun their aunts and I had on it as kids.

Living in central Oklahoma where the land is mostly flat, I forget how mountainous it is and big the trees get in SE Oklahoma.  It’s always a bit of a shock to see huge pine trees reaching so far toward the heavens and how big around the trunks of the oak trees are.

good memories


My great-grandfather built this little rock house.  It’s on Main Street in Antlers, Oklahoma.

He was my maternal grandmother’s father.  My great-aunt and her family lived here when I was a child and I remember visiting this house, seeing my great aunt and her husband.  I remember seeing some of their children and grandchildren there too, but probably couldn’t pick them out of a crowd at this point.

I can still remember the smell of the house.  Driving by it brings back those memories each time I pass through on the way back to my home town.

We’re home

The kids and I spent the past week in Branson, MO since the kids had fall break last week.  We swam (the resort had an indoor pool – and the kids “swam” in the jacuzzi that was in the bedroom I slept in), puttered around in antique shops, went sightseeing, to a show, a museum and an amusement park.  I have photos to post (most likely tomorrow) and many stories to share.

We got home at 3am this morning (don’t ask – a bit of craziness there).  I slept for about 4 hours after finally getting settled back into our house.  I’m scattered and need a nap.

It’s amazing how my fingers feel like big blumbering logs after not typing anything for a week.  I’m actually having to think about which key to press with which finger as I’m typing this.  I can’t wait for that weirdness to be over so I can type without thinking about it again.

Our pets were so excited when we came in this morning.  I loved seeing their happy faces and hearing the cute little happy noises they made.  We’ve paid extra attention to them today so now they’re not feeling so neglected anymore.  I’m so thankful my sister and her family live nearby and that they were willing to come by and feed the furry/feathery welcoming committee each day.  I really didn’t want to board them in a kennel.

Hope you all had a great week!


Tonight, I looked at some of Mom’s photos from her trip.  One of my favorites was from when she was in Santorini, Greece.  It looks a lot like the top photo on this guide about traveling to Santorini that I found. Mom’s photo has a bush with hot pink/almost red flowers on the side of a walkway leading to a white building with a blue domed rooftop and clear blue sea in the background like the one in the photo I linked to above.  It’s a beautiful photograph.

I also loved the photos of Mom on a gondola in Italy, and the photos of local art and architecture.  The photos were breathtaking.

One day, I want to visit Greece and Italy to see these beautiful places for myself.


Mom is leaving tomorrow to spend 24 days in Europe. She will be visiting Greece, Italy, Austria and Germany.

In Greece, she will visit Athens, Santorini, and Isthmia. In Italy, Bari, Salerno, Rome, Perugia, Pescia, and Sandrigo-Vicenza. In Austria, she will see Friesach and Radstadt and the visit will end in Munchen, Germany.

I don’t know how to make those 2 little dots above the “u” in Munchen, or even what they’re called. I feel sort of bad about that.

I’m so excited that she’s able to travel like this. While I will miss her a lot, I cannot wait to hear all about her trip and look at photos and the treasures she will find after she gets home and used to Central Standard time again.

Safe travels, Mom! I love you. 🙂