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spring concert

I’ve added more photos to my flickr stream tonight (click on flickr box in the left sidebar to view).   My favorites from the recently added photos are from the orchestra concert. I think J. is so cute playing the viola, and no, I’m not biased at all.  Why do you ask?  🙂

At a regional competition a couple of weeks ago, the 7th grade orchestra was awarded best orchestra in the competition. At the spring concert last week, I could see their excitement and sense of pride when their director announced this. Their chests puffed up a bit and they had looks determination when they played their competition pieces for us at the concert. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow from squawking fledglings into young musicians these past two years. The difference in them from the first concert until now is amazing.

I have so much respect for music teachers, band directors, orchestra conductors. The work they do, giving the gift of music, is incredible and life-changing.

I know that other teachers change lives too, but music has effected the lives of those in my family much more dramatically than biology, Oklahoma history or geometry has.

PS. As I took out my camera to get a few shots of J. playing at the concert, the guy a seat over from me took out his camera. His camera puts my Nikon P80 to shame.

Yes, I know they’re poor quality. I took them with the camera on my leg, while messing with the settings, so it wouldn’t be obvious that I was taking a photo of his humongous lens. Thank goodness I turned off the sound on my camera a while back so it didn’t make a clicking/shutter sound when I took the photos. I turned off the sound so I can get photos of the kids in action (not posed). When they hear the shutter sound, their behavior changes.

Anyway, here are the photos of the orchestra parent who was sitting next to me.  We were on the 2nd row.  He probably was able to get photos of his kid’s cavities with that thing.



seeing Dave

We had a blast at Dave Ramsey’s live event on Saturday.   I think we all left feeling motivated and inspired (again) to continue on our journey of making sure we’re debt free and saving more money than ever before.
03.28.09 013

03.28.09 020
The sun was in our faces in this photo, but it’s my favorite of the ones we took, except that Corey was taking the photo and not in it with us.

tulips and horses

Day 82
The tulips in Megan’s garden have begun to bloom.

Snip and Gray had a disagreement about something.

The kids were back in school today after last week’s Spring Break. They were all happy to see their friends again. I was happy to come home to a relatively clean house. It’s amazing how having the house empty keeps it from getting so messy! 🙂


Day 81

I saw these pretty little flowers at Mom and Dad’s house this afternoon.  I love the color!

Day 80

Like loads of other Twilight fans, we spent a lot of Saturday watching the DVDs.  We have enjoyed all the extras.  I cannot find words to accurately describe the squealing and carrying on that I have listened to or how much I wish I’d have picked up a pair of ear plugs before the big event.   You’d think that after seeing the movie so many times in the theater that seeing Edward Cullen walk into the cafeteria for the first time at home wouldn’t be squeal-worthy.  Well, guess what?  It is at my house.  🙂

I volunteered at the philharmonic orchestra performance on Saturday night.  Turns out that I loved Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and am surprised that I had not known of them before.  I only signed up for that performance because I liked their name.  I’m glad I did.

I’ve found a bunch of their songs on iTunes and will be pre-ordering their new album, How Big Can You Get? A Tribute to Cab Calloway,  that comes out in April.

flowers and dancing

Day 79 I spotted this lovely tree at the edge of a playground as I was driving home Friday after work, so I stopped to get a few photos.

Day 78
Dobby stopped to listen for a second while I whistled a song to him. Then he started pacing/walking up and down the branches in his cage again. I think it looks like dancing when he does that. 🙂

Redbud, Edward and green

Don’t you love the titles I’ve been coming up with? The creative juices are flowing, I tell you.

Day 77 – Redbud tree

Day 76

I can almost hear her screams of joy (again) as she unrolls the poster to see his face. Actually, I think the screams may still be echoing in my head!

Day 75

How’d we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We painted the lawn green, of course. Then we hunted for rainbows and pots of gold. 🙂 What about you?


Between the 15th of March and 16th of April, we have seven birthdays in my family.  SEVEN.

Day 74

Bradford pear tree


Nephew’s 18th birthday cake


Day 73

Niece’s 11th birthday party


Twilight party cake


J + Edward


Pinning the kiss on Edward


Day 72

What I’m reading…




Since taking a photo to represent each day of this year is my journal of sorts, remember that some of the photos are just like real life. They’re sometimes not visually astounding or even pretty. Some are just what I was thinking about, something that caught my eye or an item that somehow defined that particular day. These photos are like that. They’re nothing special, but are things that have defined the last two days of my life.

Day 71

Today’s drink of the day.


Not as tasty as it may look… it’s got medicinal purposes.

I believe that a pretty glass makes every drink seem better. Especially drinks that are not all that yummy.


Day 70

The best part of Wednesday:


Last night after work, I suddenly realized that I had a really bad urinary tract infection. I won’t go into details. You’re welcome.

I’m still not sure how I didn’t know before 6pm last night that it had gotten so bad. Oh well. It would appear that I’m good at ignoring pain and discomfort until it’s almost disabling.

As it was after hours when I figured it out and I abhor the thought of sitting in an ER unless I absolutely have to, I called the pharmacy and was advised to drink cranberry juice and take AZO Standard tablets until I could get in to to see my doctor. I saw my doctor this morning and now am taking an antibiotic.

I believe I could also be one of the X-Men. If you have ever taken those little miracle tablets, you will know what I mean. I’m amazed by how quickly the tablets helped relieve the discomfort so I could sleep last night. The wonders of science and medicine never cease to amaze me.

his hat

Day 69


Tonight at Mom and Dad’s house, I saw Grandad’s straw hat (his cowboy hat) sitting on top of the hoosier cabinet. I remember him wearing it and it brings a smile to my face.

stars and a play date

Day 68

This afternoon when B and I were driving to the orthodontist’s office, we were behind this guy.  I cannot figure out why, out of all the tattoos in the world and all the places to put them, he would choose to have two stars put right there.


This evening, my niece came over for a little while.  She wanted to play with Sophie and Smokey in the back yard before she went home.  This little girl is a ball of energy and is always in motion.  I seriously think that she said more words in the 30 minutes she was at my house than I have said in the past few days.


spring forward

Day 67

Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before you went to bed last night?  I actually remembered this year.  Go me!

Yesterday at the WW weigh-in, I was down another half pound. I was a little disappointed to have only lost half a pound. Again. I know what I need to change to do better this week (no more Del Rancho for dinner is one change I’ll be making). I’ve gotten rid of 13 pounds so far. I’m happy with that. 🙂

My house key is wearing a bunny suit!

This afternoon, we went to a couple of bookstores, a comic book store and Borders. B wanted to get an anime character doll for a friend’s birthday, a little guy with red/orange hair named something like Kauru.  I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly.   She also had a Borders gift card that was burning a hole in her pocket.

I found a cute wallet at the comic book store.  My kids say they won’t stand near me when I use it.  I don’t know why they feel this way.


When we were eating dinner, J saw a cute boy in the restaurant. I’ve not ever seen anyone flip their hair and try to be cute while eating corn on the cob.  It was interesting and funny.  Very.


Bradford pear trees are in bloom in central Oklahoma.  They’re beautiful and a bit stinky at the same time.


Day 66

This morning, I saw this little beauty among the daffodils.


Day 65

I think this is my favorite of all the daffodil photos I’ve taken this year.



Day 64


This picture hangs in the hallway at work.  Each time I see it I want to decorate it to make the 2 lower (connected) circles look like a snowman – with a scarf, a carrot nose and little black dots for eyes.

fast food

Day 63

Last night we watched Rocco DiSpirito talk about how much fat is in fast food (with heaping spoonfuls of lard/vegetable shortening to illustrate), so the kids and I had dinner from a brown paper bag tonight.

Really, we had fast food because I worked late and didn’t plan ahead for dinner.  I usually have something in the fridge thawing with directions hanging on the fridge so the kids can start cooking/preparing before I get home.  That makes the dinner ritual go much more smoothly  and we can eat dinner much earlier. Plus, they are gaining confidence in the kitchen and are beginning to enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

Tonight, the kids (well, 2/3 of the kids – daughters, not son – he did not agree with them) said it was their last time to have fast food.  Ever.

I say it was the last time we have fast food until the next time I work late and don’t have something already planned for dinner.   🙂


This place seriously makes the best steak sandwiches ever.  See the grease mark on the side of the bag behind the date stamp and on the little guy’s hat?  A teaspoonful or two of lard leaked out, I’d say.

Thanks a lot!

Day 61

One of my co-workers is a Girl Scouts leader.  When I couldn’t find my 15 yr old daughter’s favorite cookies (the shortbread cookies with chocolate on the bottom that say Thank You in different languages in the shortbread part on top), she told me that the central Oklahoma Girl Scouts council chose to use only one bakery. And that bakery doesn’t make those cookies.  When I told B., she was disappointed.

This past weekend, my co-worker was out of town (in Texas) and saw a Girl Scouts troop selling cookies.  She stopped to visit and saw the cookies.  My daughter’s favorite.  And guess what she did?

She brought 2 boxes of those cookies to work so I could bring them home to my daughter (who was THRILLED!).

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard today?