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This is Toto, my parents’ newest little dog. He’s 10 weeks old and is Penelope’s son. Penelope is my niece’s dog.

He and Hollie play together all day long – wrestling, growling, rolling around, chasing each other, seeming very happy to have each other to hang out with.


Day 60
This afternoon I was out at my parents’ house. This was the outdoor temperature around 2:00 pm.


This is Marvin.  As in, Starvin’ Marvin.  She is Mom and Dad’s cat.  My niece calls her Sunny, because she likes to sit in the sun.


Snip was rather irritated that I did not have any apples or carrots in my pockets this afternoon.  He kept trying to get my shirt and hands.  At one point, he even thought the camera strap might make a good snack.


Day 59
On Saturday, I cooked Chick-fil-A for lunch.


Day 58
Friday night I volunteered at the George Lopez show at the Civic Center.  This was my view from where I was working before the show.  I was across the bridge scanning tickets.


I had another chance to use the binoculars Dad gave me and now have them adjusted perfectly for my vision.  Each side adjusts, so the view is a custom-fit for my eyes.  Love that!


Sophie and daffodils

Day 57


Here’s Sophie at the gate this evening. She was watching me as I was messing with the daffodils, so I snapped a few photos of her. I was pretty far from her, so the camera didn’t pull in much light.


It wouldn’t be my blog without another daffodil photo, right? 🙂
I took this photo within minutes of when I took the photo of Sophie. The camera pulled in more light for this one – maybe because the flowers were closer – or maybe because of where I was standing in relation to the front of the house, the remaining sunlight, the flowers and the gate/Sophie. I don’t know. It’s interesting, though. To me, at least.


Day 16

He’s been a really great pet. He loves using the doggy door to patrol the back yard and keep us safe. Except when it is really cold. Or when it’s rainy outside. He refuses to go outside to go potty when it’s too cold or if it’s the slightest bit wet outside.

I’ve learned to put newspaper down when the weather doesn’t agree with him. This prevents the crazed fury that ensues if I happen to go into the kitchen and find a wet spot with my foot. At 6:00 in the morning. Before I’m fully awake or coherent. It’s not a pretty picture.

Sophie’s smile

Day 15

I guess it sort of looks like a grimace or growling face, but it’s not.  She’s smiling.  I think it’s funny (and not at all scary) when she does it.

This morning, she wagged her tail so hard that she could barely walk straight.  After I said good morning, she stood up on her back feet, smiled and waved her feet at me.  This is how she begs for treats.

So I gave her (and Smokey) a few of those bacon-type treats.  They love those!


Day 11

Smokey is very tough when playing with his Santa toy.  🙂

Good grief, our grass looks awful.  I’m looking forward to spring and the regrowth of green grass!


Did you happen to see my favorite actor (Johnny Depp) presenting an award on the Golden Globes tonight?  I did.  He’s lovely.

neighborhood cat

Day 10

When I came home from Mom and Dad’s house earlier today, this little guy was on my porch hanging out in the sunshine.   He’s my next door neighbor’s cat and seems to love playing games with Sophie and Smokey.

I’ve seen him walking along the fenceline, just out of their reach, many times, as they bark like mad at him.  The look on his face at those times plainly shows how much he’s enjoying letting them know that he can get out of the fence and that they cannot.


Day 8

Sophie’s 2nd birthday is next month.   Someone at my house wants to have a birthday party for her (not me).   She’s already picked out invitations and is trying to decide who to invite besides my sister’s dogs and their family.  I’m not sold on the idea yet, so no plans are set in stone.  I really cannot commit to having a doggie birthday party, no matter how cute the little doggie is.  🙂


Smokey knows how to stay cool in this Oklahoma heat.  🙂


Sophie is getting spayed today.  I’m leaving to take her to the vet in about 10 minutes.  Earlier this morning, J. needed more insulin.  She stayed the night at Chrissie’s house last night, so Sophie and I drove more insulin and a set of pump site change supplies over there.  Sophie got car sick.  I felt so bad for her.  Car sickness is awful.

I know that dogs and cats get spayed every day, but I’m a little nervous about this today.  I was nervous when we got Smokey neutered last year.   I guess it’s normal to be worried about a loved one having surgery.  I count my pets as loved ones since we love them.  🙂

Here’s a pic from earlier this year of Sophie smiling.  I think her little smile is so cute!


Sophie likes to sit in our green armchair beside 12 yr old daughter, J.  Smokey was on the other side of J. when this was taken. I love the cute expression on Sophie’s little face. She’s such a sweet little thing.

little helper

When I was folding laundry a couple of days ago, I saw a little tail sticking out of the stack of clothes.  It wagged a little and then got very still.

I folded clothes for a bit, sorting socks and stacking the clothes according to which person they belong to.

Then I picked up a t-shirt and look what I found!

She pretended to not see me at first. This is her “if I cannot see you and my nose is hidden, you cannot see me” face.

She soon got tired of hiding and turned over for a tummy rub.  Silly Sophie!

It’s a good thing she’d had a bath that day!

bath time

If you can’t beat ’em. . . how does that saying go?

birthday boy

Smokey is two years old today.  He came to live with us in May of last year and has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Happy birthday, little guy!

perv patrol

Smokey has discovered that Sophie is in heat. We’re obviously thrilled (that he has been neutered – but not that he still has this instinct).

The kids camped out in the yard yesterday afternoon and called it Perv Patrol. It was hilarious!

Smokey and Sophie did not know why they were getting in trouble. I explained to them that it was instinct and that they don’t have any idea that what they’re doing is something we don’t want to see twenty-eight thousand times a day. Ick.