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I was down 3.6 pounds this week, which was nice to see after no loss two weeks ago and a one pound gain last week.

I’ve lost 16.2 pounds so far this year. Four pounds a month. That’s good, I know, but often I feel a little impatient and discontented with that.

This week, if I begin to feel irritable about losing slowly, I will make an effort to focus on being happy for the loss and not unhappy that I’ve not lost two or three pounds each week. I know that the key to building new habits is a healthier lifestyle and that results in slow and steady loss. I want lasting health and new habits, not a quick loss that turns into a bigger gain after a short time. This will be my focus. 🙂


Yesterday, B. had the spacer removed that has been hanging out in the roof of her mouth for several months.  She also got more braces on her top teeth.  Now each top tooth has something attached to it.

She’s thrilled to have the spacer gone, but not so happy about the additional brackets being added.

The orthodontist said that when her top teeth catch up with her bottom teeth, it will be time to add bottom braces. She’s right on track with is plan for her teeth, so all is well.  I’m still just so thankful that she won’t need to have surgery to shorten her lower jawbone, like he had originally thought when he consulted with our family dentist.

another sticker!

This morning at Weight Watchers, I weighed 1.6 pounds less than last time (two weeks ago). That brings my total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2009 to 15.2 pounds.

That also means that I got another 5 pound sticker at the meeting. WHEE! I feel really silly for being so excited about a little yellow star with a 5 in the middle of it. But seriously, it’s a great feeling!


When I get to work on Monday, I’ll add two more paperclips to the chain of paperclips I have hanging near my desk to represent the weight I’ve lost. One paperclip for each pound. When I feel tempted, I find myself looking at the paperclip chain and trying to make healthier choices. It’s funny how small visual reminders can help me stay on track.

visit with the endocrinologist

Day 62

This photo was taken this morning at the clinic where J sees her endocrinologist. Since December of 2006, I have been in this clinic many, many times.  I have wondered why those two parts of the ceiling that are hanging down have leaves stenciled on them and no other parts of the ceiling do. I thought they must have started stenciling leaves, then got busy and didn’t ever finish. Today, I realized that the pillar thing in the middle of the room that’s painted brown was supposed to represent a tree trunk and those stencils are supposed to be leaves. Leaves on the tree. Duh.

I’m not sure why I didn’t “see” it before today.

So, this morning was J’s appointment with her endocrinologist. She’s got appointments every 30 days for the next 90 days because her A1C was not very good last month at her quarterly visit.

Today’s visit was so much better than last month’s visit. J had her log book filled out, had her blood sugar meter, had better readings, and had been doing the things Dr. K had asked her to do.

I’m really happy that Dr. K is J’s doctor.  The thing I love most about Dr. K is that she visits with J, not with me. She talks with her on her level, explains things, only asks me questions if J says that I know the answer.

J likes Dr. K a lot and relates well to her.  She left the visit beaming.  She is proud of herself for making improvements and for working hard to reach her goal.  This month, her goal is to continue to do the same things (checking her blood sugar at least 3 times each day, logging her blood sugar readings and bolusing -giving herself insulin- each time she eats).  I’m proud of her for working so hard and for having such great determination.  She definitely has strength of character.  It’s one of the things about her that I like most.

Also, we got her paperwork for diabetes camp this summer completed.  Dr. K filled out the part that the physician has to complete and I’ll fax it this week to secure J’s spot.

end of week four


Photo by Sciondriver

Last week, I gained 2.8. I was not happy. At. All.
So, I changed a few things (exercised more, journaled each bite on paper instead of only tracking with weight watchers mobile) and hoped for better results.

This week, I lost 4 pounds. That’s more like it!

Total to date = 8.8 pounds gone. 🙂

emotions and food

photo by Gaetan Lee

At Weight Watchers on Saturday, we talked about the emotions behind overeating.  This is a biggie for me (pun intended).  For years, I’ve eaten after the kids went to bed when I finally had a few minutes of peace, almost as a reward for getting through the day.  I’ve eaten when I was upset with my ex-husband, the kids, about work or money, whatever.  I’ve eaten when there was something to celebrate.  I have eaten to cover almost every emotion I’ve had.

The past few weeks, I’ve been tracking my hunger signals and learning which foods keep me satisfied longer than others.  Now I’ll also be thinking and working through the emotional reasons behind my food cravings.

Quote of the week:

If it’s not hunger, food is not the answer.

This is what I do now.

(day 12)

What do I do now, you ask?

See that 2 points per serving that’s handwritten on the box?


Each time I figure out how many points are in a serving of food (that we have purchased and brought home – I do not do this in stores), I write it on the package. That way I only have to figure it out once. When I don’t write it on the package, thinking that I’ll remember how many points to count if I eat 18 All-Bran crackers (one serving), I’m sure to forget.

My kids love seeing points per serving written on the tops of cans, lids of salad dressing, and free spaces on labels and sides of packages.

Just kidding!
Really, they roll their eyes and sigh at me.