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For the past few weeks, the kids and I have been going to a different church. It’s been a long time since I couldn’t wait to go back to the next service, but now I feel that way each week. It’s good to know that I’m learning as I worship, that I’m coming out a better person, that I’m building friendships and relationships with fellow Christians again.

Last week, I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and was so disappointed when I figured out I had to wait one more day before Wednesday night service.

The kids are enjoying being part of a very active teen/pre-teen youth group. I’m meeting loads of parents who also have teens/pre-teens. Mom, Chrissie and Chrissie’s children have been coming too.

It’s been a very good thing.

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a sad goodbye

Jazzie Michelle
February 15, 1992 – August 11, 2007,

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Just now, the timer went off for something in the oven.
DD14 asked DD11 to get it out since she was at the other end of the house.

DD11 said, “I can’t get it out. I might burn myself and I need this face for school.”

A few minutes later, DD14 asked, “Space? What space do you need for school? What are you talking about??”

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getting DD11 from diabetes camp

I hugged DD11 for the longest time when I saw her!

I went into the cabin & couldn’t find her. I saw her bags all packed up by her bed, but she was not there. Her counselor had to go get her. She was in the bathroom “doing” her hair. When I hugged her, we both had tears rolling down our faces.

On the last night of camp, she was awarded the Code of Life award, the highest honor bestowed at the camp. One child from each cabin gets the award during each session. Her cabin mates & counselors voted on things like integrity, spirit, sense of humor, leadership, attitude, friendship, etc. She got to sign her name on a piece of paper & then have it burned into the Code of Life wall in the lodge. She was so cute showing me.

When we got home, she was very happy, dancing around & singing karaoke with DD13 & two of their cousins (ages 13 & 9), and telling stories. She’s tan, tired & happy and full of knowledge & stories.

I’m so glad she’s home. I could hardly sleep Friday night with the anticipation.

We’re leaving today for a week in Branson. I’m looking forward to having a relaxing time with my kiddos plus one niece, hanging out by the pool & hunting around in antique shops.

impromptu performance

Who knew that an American Idol headset microphone from a McDonald’s Happy Meal could bring so much joy to a ten year old girl?

My daughter has been wearing hers for the past hour and “performing” for her brother and sister. They are enjoying it immensely.

Can you feel the sarcasm in these words as you read them?

Ten year old daughter is taunting them. She’s been singing to them, they’ve been throwing toys and chasing her out of the room.

Of course, this makes it even more fun, so she goes right back to do it all over again.

The mermaid cake

Chrissie made a mermaid cake for DD4’s birthday. She loves coming up with creative cake ideas & is so good at it. They always look great.

She’s got a couple of photos on her blog. Go see how great the cake was!

100 Library Legends

This is Oklahoma’s centennial year. The Oklahoma Library Association has compiled a list of the top 100 contributors to Oklahoma libraries for the first century.

Here’s a link to the page. When you click on the words The Oklahoma Library Legends List, you will go to a list of 100 people/groups. My mom is one of those 100 Library Legends. How cool is that?

The 100 are being honored at a banquet downtown on April 2. Dad, Chrissie and I will be there. Julie is coming to the end of her pregnancy, so she is not able to attend, but will be there in spirit with us to honor Mom. I’m so excited about this – what an incredible honor for an absolutely amazing lady.