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spring concert

I’ve added more photos to my flickr stream tonight (click on flickr box in the left sidebar to view).   My favorites from the recently added photos are from the orchestra concert. I think J. is so cute playing the viola, and no, I’m not biased at all.  Why do you ask?  🙂

At a regional competition a couple of weeks ago, the 7th grade orchestra was awarded best orchestra in the competition. At the spring concert last week, I could see their excitement and sense of pride when their director announced this. Their chests puffed up a bit and they had looks determination when they played their competition pieces for us at the concert. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow from squawking fledglings into young musicians these past two years. The difference in them from the first concert until now is amazing.

I have so much respect for music teachers, band directors, orchestra conductors. The work they do, giving the gift of music, is incredible and life-changing.

I know that other teachers change lives too, but music has effected the lives of those in my family much more dramatically than biology, Oklahoma history or geometry has.

PS. As I took out my camera to get a few shots of J. playing at the concert, the guy a seat over from me took out his camera. His camera puts my Nikon P80 to shame.

Yes, I know they’re poor quality. I took them with the camera on my leg, while messing with the settings, so it wouldn’t be obvious that I was taking a photo of his humongous lens. Thank goodness I turned off the sound on my camera a while back so it didn’t make a clicking/shutter sound when I took the photos. I turned off the sound so I can get photos of the kids in action (not posed). When they hear the shutter sound, their behavior changes.

Anyway, here are the photos of the orchestra parent who was sitting next to me.  We were on the 2nd row.  He probably was able to get photos of his kid’s cavities with that thing.