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Songs from The Lion King

are still in my head most of the time these days.  I thoroughly enjoyed working at the shows.  Volunteering has many rewards and they far outweigh little annoyances like driving through traffic from graduations and downtown events.  The cast and crew of most shows are really great people if I ever run into them.  The actors who were outside for the holds would visit if they had a few minutes and saw us hanging around to look at their costumes/make-up and hear them sing.  They seemed to like showing us how the costumes were made, how light they are – and telling us about their hometown, career, etc. 

I will miss The Lion King.  It was a great experience and a completely wonderful show.  My kids loved it, too, and haven’t quit listening to the soundtrack.  I will share the story of taking them to the show when I get the photo uploaded.

School is out,

the days are getting longer and warmer, summer is almost here!

My oldest daughter will be starting drivers ed. next week.  It seems so strange to say that.  I cannot believe she’s old enough for that.

Youngest daughter is getting ready for three weeks of diabetes camp.  She absolutely loves going to camp and is so excited.

Son is planning to be with ex-husband for a lot of the summer.  He’s looking forward to working out and playing basketball with his dad, preparing for high school (9th grade) basketball next year.

In July, the kids will attend church camp for a week, the same camp I went to as a kid.  The kids love going to camp there and I always enjoy seeing so many familiar faces again.  When I take the kids down there, we also will get to see relatives that we dont’ see often enough.  I’m excited about having some time with them.


I’ve noticed that I go through times of wanting to post photos and stories all the time and times of really not caring if I post or not. I’m not sure what it relates to. It could be weather, mood, stress at work, level of school activities with the kids… I haven’t put a finger on it.

Right now, loads of stories are jumbled up in my head, fun things that the kids have done and said are overflowing, photos have been taken and not shared. I don’t feel the need to share them with the world, though. I am content having them here, close to home, shared with my children and family.

I’ve been writing more on paper and less online these days. It probably has a lot to with the fact that I refuse to buy the kids their own computers and that we share a computer that is in our living room. By the time the kids are off the computer and in bed, it’s late and I don’t feel like looking at a screen.

* The kids don’t agree with my stand on this and say that I’m old-fashioned, too over-protective and that most of their friends have their own computers and televisions.  It’s something I decided when they were very young, though, and I still believe that it’s the right thing for our family, so I’m sticking with it.

international trailer #2

Guess what movie opens in the United States on 01 July 2009?

Yep! Public Enemies.
I’m counting the days…

it’s finally here!

Tomorrow night is the night the kids are seeing The Lion King. I cannot wait to see their reactions to the music, costumes, and the whole experience. They’ve seen many productions over the years, but I think this will surpass all the others.

Working at the show, I’ve had a chance to see new parts of the production each time. I’ve seen actors up close in their costumes, have seen them warming up, have visited with their friends and relatives who are working at the merchandise table. I’ve seen countless numbers of parents who are smiling, obviously thinking of how their child(ren) will love the show, so happy that they can bring them to have the experience of seeing the live production.

Whenever I have a chance, I’ll be watching the faces of my children tomorrow night, feeling joy when I see the wonder and happiness steal across their faces, feeling a thrill that I was able to be part of the experience with them.

When we get home and the kids go to bed with strains of “Can you hear the love tonight” whispering through their memory, I’ll watch the Biggest Loser finale (thanks, DVR) and breathe a little sigh of happiness for having one more good memory with my children, one more thing that they’ll look back on and remember fondly.

Two weeks from today,

I will be the parent of three teenagers. The thought alone is a little overwhelming.

Oldest daughter is 15.
Son is 14.
Youngest daughter will be 13.

I really think I’m too young to have children this old.

Happy Birthday

to me!  Well… to my blog!  🙂

I was reading Kerri’s post about her blog turning four earlier and wondered which day this month is my blog’s 4th birthday.

It was yesterday.

So, happy belated birthday, She’s Laughing!

photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Have some chips, dips, and a margarita to celebrate.   Well, since you’re so young, that’s probably not a good idea.  I’ll have some for you!   🙂

photo by WordRidden

spring concert

I’ve added more photos to my flickr stream tonight (click on flickr box in the left sidebar to view).   My favorites from the recently added photos are from the orchestra concert. I think J. is so cute playing the viola, and no, I’m not biased at all.  Why do you ask?  🙂

At a regional competition a couple of weeks ago, the 7th grade orchestra was awarded best orchestra in the competition. At the spring concert last week, I could see their excitement and sense of pride when their director announced this. Their chests puffed up a bit and they had looks determination when they played their competition pieces for us at the concert. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow from squawking fledglings into young musicians these past two years. The difference in them from the first concert until now is amazing.

I have so much respect for music teachers, band directors, orchestra conductors. The work they do, giving the gift of music, is incredible and life-changing.

I know that other teachers change lives too, but music has effected the lives of those in my family much more dramatically than biology, Oklahoma history or geometry has.

PS. As I took out my camera to get a few shots of J. playing at the concert, the guy a seat over from me took out his camera. His camera puts my Nikon P80 to shame.

Yes, I know they’re poor quality. I took them with the camera on my leg, while messing with the settings, so it wouldn’t be obvious that I was taking a photo of his humongous lens. Thank goodness I turned off the sound on my camera a while back so it didn’t make a clicking/shutter sound when I took the photos. I turned off the sound so I can get photos of the kids in action (not posed). When they hear the shutter sound, their behavior changes.

Anyway, here are the photos of the orchestra parent who was sitting next to me.  We were on the 2nd row.  He probably was able to get photos of his kid’s cavities with that thing.