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I was down 3.6 pounds this week, which was nice to see after no loss two weeks ago and a one pound gain last week.

I’ve lost 16.2 pounds so far this year. Four pounds a month. That’s good, I know, but often I feel a little impatient and discontented with that.

This week, if I begin to feel irritable about losing slowly, I will make an effort to focus on being happy for the loss and not unhappy that I’ve not lost two or three pounds each week. I know that the key to building new habits is a healthier lifestyle and that results in slow and steady loss. I want lasting health and new habits, not a quick loss that turns into a bigger gain after a short time. This will be my focus. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Enjoyed your recent post. Reference about being grateful for what you have lost, made me check myself. My 5 lbs is a worthwhile loss too! 🙂 3 weeks an no loss this week, but it’s steady.

  2. Rae, I agree! It’s hard to focus on being thankful for the small things sometimes in this world of instant gratification. Your loss is definitely worthwhile and something to be thankful for!

    Slow and steady wins with weight loss, right? I think it’s good that we’re like the tortoise and not the hare – we’ll win the race!

  3. Good job! You’re doing great.

  4. Thanks, Julie! 🙂

  5. loved your post.

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