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j is for jas…

This has been a long week.

Yes.  I know it’s only Tuesday.

Oldest daughter (15) is home from her band trip to San Diego.  I’ve heard many fun stories and am delighted that she was able to go.  I’m proud of her for working hard to earn half of the money to pay for her trip and most of her spending money.  And not only because that was less for me to pay.  But because I believe it taught her a valuable lesson about working hard to reach a goal, saving, spending on what’s important and not just blowing the money she worked so hard for.   She’s a good kid.

I have loads photos to post.  I think that instead of posting them here as blog posts, I will just upload them to my flickr stream.  They can be viewed by clicking on this link to flickr or by clicking on the flickr photo box in the left sidebar. I’ll continue to label them by which day (of 365) the photo was taken.  I’ve gotten so far behind and am not sure I have the fortitude to mess with getting them all on the blog.

This is for my good friend who’s initials are CSV:

The word jasmine is right before the word jasper in the Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary that I keep at the computer desk.  Someone at my house wanted you to know that.  🙂

Oh, yeah.  Guess who got a Hard Rock San Diego Bon Jovi t-shirt?  Yep. Her name is Natalie.   15 yr old daughter brought it back from her trip for me.

EDIT:  I can tell I am tired.  This is a very ramble-y post, jumping all over the place.  Plus, it’s taken ages to get it finished because my fingers are not connecting to my thoughts very well right now.

Good night!

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