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another sticker!

This morning at Weight Watchers, I weighed 1.6 pounds less than last time (two weeks ago). That brings my total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2009 to 15.2 pounds.

That also means that I got another 5 pound sticker at the meeting. WHEE! I feel really silly for being so excited about a little yellow star with a 5 in the middle of it. But seriously, it’s a great feeling!


When I get to work on Monday, I’ll add two more paperclips to the chain of paperclips I have hanging near my desk to represent the weight I’ve lost. One paperclip for each pound. When I feel tempted, I find myself looking at the paperclip chain and trying to make healthier choices. It’s funny how small visual reminders can help me stay on track.

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  1. I think you are doing great with weitht loss…keep it up.I am going to try the clips. Brits trip must have been wonderful and it was fun to learn that jasper precedes J’s name since I am a rock hound. Love, Aunt M

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