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I was down 3.6 pounds this week, which was nice to see after no loss two weeks ago and a one pound gain last week.

I’ve lost 16.2 pounds so far this year. Four pounds a month. That’s good, I know, but often I feel a little impatient and discontented with that.

This week, if I begin to feel irritable about losing slowly, I will make an effort to focus on being happy for the loss and not unhappy that I’ve not lost two or three pounds each week. I know that the key to building new habits is a healthier lifestyle and that results in slow and steady loss. I want lasting health and new habits, not a quick loss that turns into a bigger gain after a short time. This will be my focus. 🙂

The king has arrived

The Lion King, that is… in Oklahoma City. 🙂 Performances began this past Tuesday and will continue through most of May.

This afternoon was the first time for Mom and I to volunteer for this show. We’ll volunteer at least five more times plus work in the concession stand twice over the next five weeks.

The show today was amazing.
A M A Z I N G.
It was much more than I thought it would be, even after the preview Chrissie and I attended last fall.

At the preview, many members of the cast sang a few songs from the production sans costumes. We also saw a video about costume design and many of the costumes were presented. At the end, we were given goodie bags with a program book, a stuffed toy of one of the characters (I got Scar), a dvd of show previews and a soundtrack cd.

The first song, The Circle of Life, when all the animals gathered around Pride Rock for baby Simba to be presented, was incredible. I’m not sure why, but at one point, I felt tears coming and had to force them back.

If you live near a city where The Lion King will be performed, I highly recommend that you attend if it’s at all possible.

On this day…

in 1564, William Shakespeare was born.

On this day in 1928, Shirley Temple was born.

At the end of this day in 2009, Natalie is exhausted from staying up too late every night this week and is going to bed soon.

Happy Birthday Mr. Shakespeare and Ms. Temple.

Evidently, I’ve been writing on Facebook too much because it’s become very easy to talk about myself in third person. I used to make fun of people who do that. Now Natalie will have to make fun of herself. 🙂

Good night.


Since today is Earth Day, I’ve been thinking about the changes the kids and I have made over the past few years in an attempt to be more friendly to the earth.

Most of the changes, while deliberate, have been such gradual changes that the kids didn’t notice or complain about them.

A few of the changes we’ve made are:

1. No more paper towels. We use dish cloths to clean up messes and wash them with loads of towels.  We use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at the dinner table.

2. We only run the dishwasher if it’s full.

3. We take shorter showers and keep a timer in the bathroom. When it dings that 5-7 minutes have past, it’s time to get out. Sometimes it’s more like 10 minutes with the girls, but it’s better than the 30 minute showers they took before I made them take shorter ones.

4. We recycle everything that our recycling center  accepts.

5. We bring home less plastic bags than before. We’re probably bringing in a 10th of what we used to have in the house. In the next year, I plan to have even less plastic bags in the house. I keep cloth bags and a cardboard box or two in the trunk in case I need them for groceries.

6. We turn of the water when brushing our teeth. Actually, we’ve been doing this for many years – since the kids watched Barney as toddlers and he taught them to turn off the water – so I won’t count this one.

6. As the lights have burned out, all have been replaced with CFL’s.

7. The car I drive is more fuel-efficient than any previous vehicle I’ve owned.

8. We buy produce and many other locally made products at the farmer’s market.

9. Before purchasing a book, I look first to see if I can find a used copy on paperbackswap.com, ebay, half.com or amazon.com.

10. We turn out the lights when leaving a room.

We have a lot of waste from J’s diabetes supplies.  It used to bother me that there is so much packaging  – the tubing, reservoirs, individually wrapped alcohol swabs and IV prep wipes, lancets, syringes, test strips, insulin bottles and packaging – but since she needs those supplies in order to survive, I will continue to gladly make sure that we have enough supplies on hand to get her through several months at a time.

The new change for this month: Turn off the computer at night instead of having it hibernate. I’m going to turn off the power strip each time we turn off the computer to make sure the printer, speakers, monitor, etc., all get turned off, too.

who will lose the most?

Do you watch Biggest Loser?
It’s one of the only shows I watch. The others are Last Restaurant Standing and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (both on BBC America).

I digress.

Did you watch BL tonight?
I cannot tell you how completely sick I am of that Helen’s crying about everything. Each time she’s on camera, she’s either bragging, crying about something or sending her daughter home so she can be selfish and stay on the show.

Ron is diabolical and I am still waiting for him to get voted off, but time is running out. They should have voted him off when they had the chance way back at the beginning of the season. The Godfather control freak stuff is getting old and he seriously needs to face the reality that he is not the boss of everyone. If he’d back off and quit spending all his time trying to push his son to the top by begging and trying to martyr himself, he could learn to be healthy for himself.

I wish Tara could see that she deserves to treat herself well, to be healthy and quit doubting her strength. That girl wins the challenges even when the odds are stacked against her, she keeps going and doesn’t quit, she has determination, is scrappy and is a winner. She’s turning out to be one of my favorite contestants.

It looks like Kristen’s weight loss this week was due to her not eating enough. She must not have remembered how last season Vicki’s husband didn’t lose much weight when he didn’t eat enough. It’s the opposite of how it seems weight loss should work, isn’t it? The video they made for Bob of their food showed that they weren’t eating enough, didn’t it? I think that’s what caused this week’s result.

Bob must be a great trainer. His teams always love him. Jillian is my favorite, though. I think she’s really great. I like her no-nonsense view of things and how she helps her team members recognize and start working through the issues that got them where they were when they came on the show. I’m sure Bob does that, too, but I relate more with to Jillian helps her team members.

I won’t say more, in case you haven’t seen this week’s show yet. The kids and I are happy that we have just a couple more weeks until the final weigh in. The last show is always so exciting. I love seeing how far everyone has come.

she was wearing a tail

My oldest daughter and I went to the Asian market Saturday afternoon. We found all sorts of foods to try that were new and some that she had tried before (new to me), along with the produce and other items that I like to purchase there.

As we were going down one aisle, we noticed that the lady who had just passed us had a big white fluffy tail sticking out of the back of her pants. Actually, it didn’t look like it was coming out of her pants, but more like it was hooked on her waist and hanging out of her shirt in the back. It was a very strange thing to see.


See her there in the red shirt? I was trying to be unobtrusive, so I didn’t walk right up and ask her to pose with her tail and all. That would have been a w k w a r d. More awkward than it already was to have to explain to my 15 yr old that some people dress up like furry animals, that I don’t understand why they do it or what they gain from it, but that they do, for whatever reason.

Thanks, furry tail lady for presenting me with that lovely parenting opportunity. I’d have been happy to skip that one.


It’s 10:00 pm.  I can hear “Taps” being played by a trumpet outside. It sounds quite near.  Of course, the bells that toll at the top of each hour at the Catholic school/church that’s half a mile away sound very close, too.

Right before “Taps” started playing, I heard sirens.

Living very near Tinker Air Force Base, I have to wonder if this has something to do with a fallen soldier.

I hope not.