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Day 67

Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before you went to bed last night?  I actually remembered this year.  Go me!

Yesterday at the WW weigh-in, I was down another half pound. I was a little disappointed to have only lost half a pound. Again. I know what I need to change to do better this week (no more Del Rancho for dinner is one change I’ll be making). I’ve gotten rid of 13 pounds so far. I’m happy with that. 🙂

My house key is wearing a bunny suit!

This afternoon, we went to a couple of bookstores, a comic book store and Borders. B wanted to get an anime character doll for a friend’s birthday, a little guy with red/orange hair named something like Kauru.  I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly.   She also had a Borders gift card that was burning a hole in her pocket.

I found a cute wallet at the comic book store.  My kids say they won’t stand near me when I use it.  I don’t know why they feel this way.


When we were eating dinner, J saw a cute boy in the restaurant. I’ve not ever seen anyone flip their hair and try to be cute while eating corn on the cob.  It was interesting and funny.  Very.


Bradford pear trees are in bloom in central Oklahoma.  They’re beautiful and a bit stinky at the same time.

2 Responses

  1. Those trees do stink! There are a few around the entrance to Izzy’s school and each time I walked in I thought, “what is that odor?” Later I put two and two together because I’m smart like that 🙂 .

  2. That’s really funny! I remember when I first smelled them. I couldn’t figure out where that weird smell was coming from. It seemed to be everywhere!

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