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Day 63

Last night we watched Rocco DiSpirito talk about how much fat is in fast food (with heaping spoonfuls of lard/vegetable shortening to illustrate), so the kids and I had dinner from a brown paper bag tonight.

Really, we had fast food because I worked late and didn’t plan ahead for dinner.  I usually have something in the fridge thawing with directions hanging on the fridge so the kids can start cooking/preparing before I get home.  That makes the dinner ritual go much more smoothly  and we can eat dinner much earlier. Plus, they are gaining confidence in the kitchen and are beginning to enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

Tonight, the kids (well, 2/3 of the kids – daughters, not son – he did not agree with them) said it was their last time to have fast food.  Ever.

I say it was the last time we have fast food until the next time I work late and don’t have something already planned for dinner.   🙂


This place seriously makes the best steak sandwiches ever.  See the grease mark on the side of the bag behind the date stamp and on the little guy’s hat?  A teaspoonful or two of lard leaked out, I’d say.

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  1. Natalie,
    I saw that on Biggest Loser! It turned my stomach to see those huge bowls of fat that went along with each food count. I’m thinking of buying a can of lard and scoop out the same amount of lard as the fat content in my food choice and set it beside my plate as I eat! Talk about motivation to cut the fat!

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