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My youngest daughter just asked if I’d promise to not get upset if she told me something that would help me. Then she told me that I should write about things that are more exciting. Because I’m boring and what I write about boring things. And more people would read what I write if it’s more interesting. And less B O R I N G.

She said the word boring about 15 times. Maybe I should show her how to use a thesaurus.

The little ray of sunshine is the opposite of boring, evidently. And people love to listen to her talk and laugh at everything she says. She thinks I should try to be more like her. She also said that she’s not conceited and that she is very funny. All the time.


Nice of her to share, eh?


Thanks a lot!

Day 61

One of my co-workers is a Girl Scouts leader.  When I couldn’t find my 15 yr old daughter’s favorite cookies (the shortbread cookies with chocolate on the bottom that say Thank You in different languages in the shortbread part on top), she told me that the central Oklahoma Girl Scouts council chose to use only one bakery. And that bakery doesn’t make those cookies.  When I told B., she was disappointed.

This past weekend, my co-worker was out of town (in Texas) and saw a Girl Scouts troop selling cookies.  She stopped to visit and saw the cookies.  My daughter’s favorite.  And guess what she did?

She brought 2 boxes of those cookies to work so I could bring them home to my daughter (who was THRILLED!).

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard today?