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Day 60
This afternoon I was out at my parents’ house. This was the outdoor temperature around 2:00 pm.


This is Marvin.  As in, Starvin’ Marvin.  She is Mom and Dad’s cat.  My niece calls her Sunny, because she likes to sit in the sun.


Snip was rather irritated that I did not have any apples or carrots in my pockets this afternoon.  He kept trying to get my shirt and hands.  At one point, he even thought the camera strap might make a good snack.


Day 59
On Saturday, I cooked Chick-fil-A for lunch.


Day 58
Friday night I volunteered at the George Lopez show at the Civic Center.  This was my view from where I was working before the show.  I was across the bridge scanning tickets.


I had another chance to use the binoculars Dad gave me and now have them adjusted perfectly for my vision.  Each side adjusts, so the view is a custom-fit for my eyes.  Love that!


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