• February 2009
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When I grow up, I want to take photos that are as moving as the photos shown  in the USAToday Day in Pictures section.  Each day, I’m amazed by the stories told in the chosen photos from around the world.


Day 56


Where’s that MOM OF THE YEAR award? I hear that my name is being engraved on it right now!

This morning, I got breakfast for the kids at their favorite place. I haven’t gotten this for them in ages, so I thought today was a good day for clogging their arteries.  There’s nothing like a sausage biscuit to help kids have super-productive brains and good behavior at school.

Just kidding. We don’t do this often. They usually have something simple at home for breakfast, like PB on a bagel with a piece of fruit, a bowl of cereal, waffles or pancakes with fruit.

I did not have anything from their favorite place. None of it fit in my food plan for the day. Actually, I didn’t want breakfast from that place to be the only food I could have for the entire day, so I made a different choice. Water, whole wheat muffin, 1 TBSP PB & a banana. Yum. That’s the breakfast of a champion or rather, the breakfast of the Mom of the Year! 🙂