• February 2009
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100 = $1.00

Day 52

When I got home from WW this morning (where I weighed and had lost 3 pounds – bringing my total pounds lost to 11.8), J. checked her blood sugar. It was 100.

So she got a dollar.

We both smiled. 🙂

racking up the miles

Day 51


I usually don’t pay attention to how many miles are on the car’s odometer, but I noticed this nice, round number Friday evening and was surprised to see how many miles I have driven that car. I will have had it two years in June.

And, yeah, do you see the temperature it was Friday evening? Today the high was in the low 40’s. We have some ridiculous weather around here. It’s always changing. No wonder people always seem to have sinus ick during this time of year.