• February 2009
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guards, daffodils and roses

So, it turns out that I not only had a sinus infection, but also double ear infections.  WHEE!

I’ve been in bed for the past 3 days, almost non-stop.  Sleeping, coughing, drinking huge amounts of water, sleeping more.  I’m happy to report that I was fever free for most of today, with only a slightly elevated temperature this afternoon.  I plan to be back at work tomorrow and am looking forward to being out of the house.

Because it required little effort, I took photos of the roses on my kitchen table and of the emerging daffodils just outside my front door as my photos of the day.  This afternoon, I walked out under the car port for a few minutes and took the photo of Smokey and Sophie standing guard.  Right above where they stood is a faded sign on the gate that says, “Beware of dog.”  It was hanging there when we bought the house.  I think it’s funny to see them under that sign and have never removed it.   🙂

Day 47 (today) – Guards at the gate

Day 46 (Sunday) – Waiting for daffodils

Day 45 (Saturday) – White roses

Day 44 (Friday) – Pink rose