• February 2009
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catching up

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past couple of days.  Allergies have turned into a sinus infection, I believe.  I’ll find out the true diagnosis tomorrow morning.

The result of this is that I’ve gone to bed each day after work and have come home early one day to sleep.   My children have been thrilled to not have to share the internet with me, as I cough, sniffle and shiver under the covers in my bed.  They always look at the positive things in a situation, don’t they?  🙂

Day 43 (today): The brackets are pink and purple.

Day 42 (yesterday):  Medicine.  My favorite thing about the day.

Day 41 (Tuesday): $450.00’s worth of sausage, bacon and chicken tenders in my freezer, waiting to be delivered – each sale helps B. go to San Diego with the band this spring.  Gotta love fund-raisers!