• February 2009
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Chocolate… yum!

Day 39

Tonight I made one of our favorite desserts,  Molten Chocolate Cakes from the Kraft Foods website.  The recipe makes eight servings.  Before WW, I poured the batter into four custard cups, like the recipe instructs.  This time, I poured them into eight custard cups, because it’s so hard to eat only half!  Each of the eight servings has six ww points.  And it’s worth every step on the stair-stepper I’ll have to take this week to work those six points off.  🙂

The next time I make this, I’ll bake it a few minutes less.  The inside wasn’t quite as “molten” as it should have been because I didn’t adjust the baking time enough to compensate for only half the batter in each cup.