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emotions and food

photo by Gaetan Lee

At Weight Watchers on Saturday, we talked about the emotions behind overeating.  This is a biggie for me (pun intended).  For years, I’ve eaten after the kids went to bed when I finally had a few minutes of peace, almost as a reward for getting through the day.  I’ve eaten when I was upset with my ex-husband, the kids, about work or money, whatever.  I’ve eaten when there was something to celebrate.  I have eaten to cover almost every emotion I’ve had.

The past few weeks, I’ve been tracking my hunger signals and learning which foods keep me satisfied longer than others.  Now I’ll also be thinking and working through the emotional reasons behind my food cravings.

Quote of the week:

If it’s not hunger, food is not the answer.


Lunar New Year


photo by x-eyedblonde

Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope you enjoy health, peace and prosperity in the year of the Ox.


Day 25

This afternoon, I took B., J-Dawg (as J. has asked me to call her on the blog), and niece M. to the mall bookstore.


They went straight for the display that held Twilight books and biographies of the actors in the Twilight movie.


Afterward, we went by HotTopic to look at the Twilight merchandise.  They had a nice supply of t-shirts, jewelry, posters, buttons, and bags.  I would have taken a photo of them shopping, but the scary screaming heavy metal music blaring and the huge holes in the earlobes of the staff must have distracted me.  Only when we left did I realize that I’d forgotten to photograph them shopping for their Edward and Jacob gear.

I have photos of B. from this afternoon, but she asked me to not post them.  I’m honoring her wish.


Day 24

Betcha can’t guess where I went this morning…


Over the past 2 weeks, I lost 2.8 pounds. That brings my total to 7.6 pounds gone. WOO HOO!

Civic Center

Day 23

The last time I volunteered at the Civic Center, I accidentally left the book I had taken to read (working concessions on the balcony level). I went to pick it up yesterday after work and snapped these photos as I was walking up the sidewalk.




Day 22

My new phone came in the mail today.  It’s a Dash.  Isn’t it cute?

Last week, Son’s phone was ruined.  The screen somehow cracked (he has no idea how it happened – he just looked and it was broken) and he couldn’t see anything on it.

He asked me to get him a new phone and I decided to get a new phone for myself and to give him the phone I’d been using.  I’d been waffling between the Blackberry and Dash for a long time, and finally decided on the Dash.  I placed my order online Monday evening and the package was here waiting for me when I got home this afternoon.

Now I’ve just got to learn how to use it!

B. and Dobby

Day 21

B. laughing at J. tonight when J. was singing like some of the American Idol contestants.

I’m amazed by how much her teeth have moved with the spacer. She starts getting braces put on next week.