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Day 26

When I was driving home this afternoon,  I went the back way (on streets instead of on the interstate).  I went past this house.  At one point, I remember wondering if it would ever be finished.  It seemed to take forever to be completed.


I was driving really slowly and the road near the house had been sanded (ice storm), so I rolled down the window and snapped a few photos with one hand, not knowing how they’d turn out.  Surprisingly, a couple of the photos were good enough to post, although none are spectacular photos.

emotions and food

photo by Gaetan Lee

At Weight Watchers on Saturday, we talked about the emotions behind overeating.  This is a biggie for me (pun intended).  For years, I’ve eaten after the kids went to bed when I finally had a few minutes of peace, almost as a reward for getting through the day.  I’ve eaten when I was upset with my ex-husband, the kids, about work or money, whatever.  I’ve eaten when there was something to celebrate.  I have eaten to cover almost every emotion I’ve had.

The past few weeks, I’ve been tracking my hunger signals and learning which foods keep me satisfied longer than others.  Now I’ll also be thinking and working through the emotional reasons behind my food cravings.

Quote of the week:

If it’s not hunger, food is not the answer.

Lunar New Year


photo by x-eyedblonde

Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope you enjoy health, peace and prosperity in the year of the Ox.