• January 2009
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Day 20

This morning, I reminded my children that today history is being made and that they need to pay attention.  I told them that their children will not know a time when a black man had not ever been president.

I reminded them of a time not so very long ago when their paternal grandparents were not able to use the same restrooms or water fountains as people with lighter skin because some people believed those things should be separated based on skin color.  I reminded them that they can do whatever they choose to do with their future and that they should not ever allow limits to be placed on them because of their skin color.

I reminded them that they will always remember today, where they were, what they were doing when history was made.  They will remember today, just as I remember where I was and what I was doing when the Murrah Building was bombed, when the twin towers were attacked, when Princess Diana was married and when she died.  They will remember today, just as my parents remember where they were and what they were doing when the first man walked on the moon, when Elvis died and when President Kennedy was shot.

Today, history was made.  I’m happy that my children and I were able to witness it.  I hope they were paying attention.

Inauguration Day


Photo by Seiu_International.

History will be made this morning.  Will you be watching?

My children will be watching at school and I’ll watch with my co-workers.  We’ll also be able to watch when we get home later (thanks, DVR!) in case we miss anything this morning.

Over the past year, we’ve had lots of conversations about what today means to Americans and to the world.  We’re excited to be able to witness this historical day.