• January 2009
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cousins and cat

Day 18

When J. went outside to put something in the car this morning, W. stood by the window, looking out and yelling J’s name.   He was very happy to have J. come back inside to help him get a drink of water.   So cute!

Spice was sleeping in a warm spot in the hay until I went outside. Then she realized that there was food in her bowl. 🙂

Where’s your nose?

Day 17


Where’s J’s nose?

Woof Know

Once when I was a kid, we were in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with Mom and Aunt S.  and had stopped to ask for directions.   A lady in a convenience store told us to look for a street called WOOF KNOW.  She kept on saying it in a really funny way.  We had no idea what she was talking about.  Finally, we came upon this street and knew we’d found our way:


When Julie and I drove down this street on Friday, I had to get a photo.  We laughed a lot about the WOOF KNOW story and how Aunt S. says WOOF KNOW like the lady who gave us directions.   🙂