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chunky search

Photo by NCinDC

Fame has finally found its way to my door.  And I owe it all to my niece M for sending me that silly text message in November.

If you type the words “Girl you chunky,” in your Google search bar
(a phrase from a song in Madagascar 2), my blog is #2 on the list of results. WOO!

This is what I do now.

(day 12)

What do I do now, you ask?

See that 2 points per serving that’s handwritten on the box?


Each time I figure out how many points are in a serving of food (that we have purchased and brought home – I do not do this in stores), I write it on the package. That way I only have to figure it out once. When I don’t write it on the package, thinking that I’ll remember how many points to count if I eat 18 All-Bran crackers (one serving), I’m sure to forget.

My kids love seeing points per serving written on the tops of cans, lids of salad dressing, and free spaces on labels and sides of packages.

Just kidding!
Really, they roll their eyes and sigh at me.