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greeting the new year

My maternal grandparents were married on New Year’s Eve 75 years ago.  After they were married,  Meema went back to the home where she lived with her father and younger siblings.  Grandad stayed that night at his cousin’s house.  They began their married life together on New Year’s Day.

When I was growing up, I loved hearing how Meema and Grandad met the preacher (they walked and the preacher rode a horse to meet them) and were married on a dirt road, how Grandad stayed the night with his cousin, how Meema made sure the laundry was all done and how her belongings fit into one small trunk.

Meema and Grandad were hard working, honest, loving, faithful, and filled with integrity.  They valued family, doing the right thing and loving each other.  I’m thankful to be the grandchild of such outstanding people.

Each new year brings an accounting of the previous year and updating the list of things I plan to accomplish in the upcoming year.  Going into each new year also brings happy memories of spending these days with my family and grandparents as a child.  We always celebrated Meema and Grandad’s wedding anniversary and ate lunch with them the next day.  The New Year’s Day menu for our family has always been black-eyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread.

Welcome 2009!

I hope this year brings you the same things that I wish for myself:  peace, health,  joy and the love of family and friends.