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Day 31

I took a bunch of photos of cherry tomatoes this evening, playing around with the manual settings on my camera. This little tomato rolled away from the others. It’s my favorite photo of the lot.


Day 30

sweet dreams

I have a photo for today, but am too tired to mess with getting out the memory card, uploading it, and posting about it.  I’ll do it tomorrow.

Right now, I’m going to bed.  To dream the oh-so-peaceful-dreams of those who are hoping to have lost a pound (or at least a few ounces) at the weigh-in tomorrow morning after a rough week of not feeling well and snacking to stay awake when I should have been drinking water instead.

Maybe it won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating.  🙂

to the doctor

Day 29

Today was J-Dawg’s J’s 3-month appointment with her endocrinologist. Her A1C was over 14 again.  Ack!

The doctor spoke directly with J., set goals with her, talked to her about why it’s important to learn good habits for her diabetes care now and not wait until she’s older.  J. will see the doctor each month until 90 days have passed and it’s time for her next A1C.  They’ll then evaluate whether J. has improved/met her goals and whether she’ll be able to keep her insulin pump or not.

This month, J’s goals are:

  • Check blood sugar 3 times a day
  • Bolus for every meal/snack
  • Write down blood sugar readings in log book each Sunday afternoon/evening for the previous week’s readings.

J’s basal rate was increased a bit.  We have an updated plan for an increased temporary basal rate for that special week of the month when J’s blood sugar is haywire from hormones, and a plan for how to tweak her basal/bolus rates if her afternoon blood sugars are consistently high (after school snacking).

ice on branches

Day 28

I took this photo as I walked in to work this morning.  The branch is on a little shrub/tree on the walkway into the building.  I thought the contrast of the ice-covered branches against the sky was interesting.

snow day

Day 27

We usually don’t get much snow around here.  Today, we have a lot of ice with a light dusting of snow.


My grass looks so much better when (mostly) covered in white, doesn’t it?

It helps me forget what a sickly brown/yellow color it has become.


The three little snowmen that the kids made (many years ago) look more at home on the front porch today than they have all winter!


Day 26

When I was driving home this afternoon,  I went the back way (on streets instead of on the interstate).  I went past this house.  At one point, I remember wondering if it would ever be finished.  It seemed to take forever to be completed.


I was driving really slowly and the road near the house had been sanded (ice storm), so I rolled down the window and snapped a few photos with one hand, not knowing how they’d turn out.  Surprisingly, a couple of the photos were good enough to post, although none are spectacular photos.