• November 2008
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Have you ever known someone who made your heart leap when you heard their voice?  Someone who’s presence in your life made your heart feel happy? Even when you’re not right next to them or even in the same city, just knowing that they’re part of your life makes your days seem brighter.  The connection and love shared transcends distance and time.

Have you ever missed someone so much that you actually had a physical ache deep inside in a place you didn’t realize could actually ache? Have you felt that the world was dark and lonely if they walked out of your life? I hadn’t realized that the term “heartache” could actually mean physical aching until I felt it for myself.  I always thought people were just being dramatic when they said their heart ached.  I did not feel this ache when I went through my divorce.  During that time, I felt anger, hurt, betrayal, rejection, and depression, but not physical heartache.

When I read New Moon, book two in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, I felt this heartache all over again in sympathy for the characters.  I think Stephenie Meyer must have lived through a heartache of her own at one time or another.  How else could she have described the emotion and pain so well had she not?

In the same book, I recognized the pure joy of truly loving someone in her words describing Bella’s relationships with Edward, Jacob and Charlie.  These three relationships of Bella’s are very different, a soulmate (as much as I dislike that term, it’s the best word to describe the connection between Edward and Bella), a true friend and a parent, but all three relationships resonate with the pure love she has for each.

The ability Stephenie Meyer has to relate to teens as well as adults shows us not only that she is an excellent author but also that the reader is a huge part of a book.  The experiences a reader brings to the characters and storylines are based on their life, hopes, dreams, relationships and goals.  This shapes the story differently in each reader’s mind.

J, my 12 yr old daughter, said that she doesn’t like to read books until she’s seen the movie so she can see it in her head more clearly.  I’m the opposite.  I like to read the book first because I like to create my own characters based on the descriptions the author pens.

Do we still say that an author pens when so many type and never use a pen anymore?

People at work have asked me why I read all the time and why I like to read novels instead of just magazines or newspapers.  They say they had rather watch television so they can see it being acted out.  I would rather read than watch television, because I like reading what the character is thinking.  It’s harder to fold laundry and cook dinner when reading, but that’s why we love audiobooks, right?  🙂

Obviously, I’m endlessly fascinated with the way people process words and books in their mind and what their media preferences are.  That’s probably incredibly nerdy.

I’m ok with that.

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