• November 2008
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I’m done with that Vicky on The Biggest Loser.  Done.  Finished.  Over it.

Do you hear me?  D-O-N-E.

I am seriously considering not watching any more this season because I really cannot stand to see another week’s worth of her poor sportsmanship.  I wanted so badly for her to go home this week with her nasty attitude and snarky comments about other participants.

I’d hate to be Vicky right now.  I cannot imagine watching the show from home with my family if it were me they were seeing acting so spitefully.  I’d be ashamed for my children to see such abhorrent words coming from my mouth and for my family to see me behaving so vengefully.  Of course, Vicky may feel no shame or embarrassment for acting in such a way and how much more of a pity that would be.

Shame on you, Vicky.  I hope you saw in your behavior on tonight’s show how repulsive a poor sport really is.

That is all.

One Response

  1. I know! I couldn’t believe they didn’t vote her out!!!! She is so mean. Get over it lady it is a competition.

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