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new ornament for the Christmas tree

Last November, I went to Canada for a few days with Mom and Chrissie.  I had completely forgotten that when we were at Niagara Falls for a visit, we bought Christmas ornaments. Chrissie found them when she was decorating her tree last week.  When I decorate my tree – sometime during the next week – this will be the newest addition:

about the love of reading

Today, I realized that Twilight is to my youngest daughter what the Harry Potter books were to my oldest daughter and son.

When the Harry Potter books came out, the older two of my children were just at the age of beginning to read bigger books.  The Harry Potter books were so interesting and pulled them in so they didn’t realize until they’d finished that they had actually read quite a large book.

Youngest daughter was too young at the time, however, to be able to read the Harry Potter books and while she enjoyed the movies and audiobooks, reading the print books never appealed to her.

Last weekend, after we saw Twilight youngest daughter mentioned that she wanted to read the Twilight books, so I bought Twilight as an audiobook on Monday or Tuesday of last week.  I didn’t buy it in print until today.  Youngest daughter began listening to the audiobook last night, listened more this morning and picked up at the point she’d been listening and began reading.  She’s now completely absorbed in the print book.  I’ve seen her walking around reading, standing in the kitchen getting a glass of water while reading, walking to her bedroom while reading, and eating cheese crackers while reading.  This is the first book she’s done this with and I am so excited about it.  She’s always said that she likes magazines more than books and I have always told her that she’d just not found the right book to hold her attention yet.

It has now been found.


She put a pair of jeans over her head when she saw that I had the camera out.

A few minutes later, she let me get a photo of her face.

Oldest daughter also let me get a photo of her.


I saw this over at Annie’s blog and wanted to play along.

How would you answer these questions about me? (leave your answers in the comment section)

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Black Friday

I went shopping this morning with my sister.  Very early this morning.  We were out and actually inside a store at 4:00am. Unbelievable, right?

At the second store we went to, I bought the camera I’ve been wanting.  A Nikon CoolPix P80.  I LOVE it!

I had stopped taking many photos because my other camera is old and takes ages to actually snap a photo.  The only camera I had was the one on my cell phone – and we all know how those photos turn out.

Tonight I made a little slideshow from a few of the photos I took today.

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looking for a new camera

I’m in the market for a new camera.  In the advertisement for Wal-Mart’s Black Friday sales, I saw a Kodak ZD8612 for a good price.  The only problem is that I cannot find any reviews online.  I’m feeling unsure about it.

Have you used this camera?  Any thoughts about it?

UPDATE:  I bought a new camera.  Read here to see which camera I chose.

Oh happy day!

I think the medicine is working.


Yesterday I got a ton of things done at work.  Then after work, I went to two stores.  This is a big deal for me.  I hate going to stores after work.  Something about the people walking all slow, yelling at their whiney kids who’d rather be home eating dinner is more than I can handle.  Last night, I wanted to go to a store, so I went home, got one of the kids(the one who doesn’t whine) and went to TWO STORES!

At one of the stores, I bought craft supplies.  To make paper turkeys for the employees on my team.  Thankful turkeys.  Yes.  Me.  Cutting out paper turkeys and writing on them “thanks for all you do” for my employees.  Who knew that I had it in me to even think of such a thing?

And also, I cooked dinner.  Real food.  Not just something I stuck in the oven from the freezer.

And on top of that, I made banana pudding.  From a recipe.  The banana pudding has sweetened condensed milk, whipping cream (that I whipped with the hand mixer) and other good stuff like that.

And I cut my son’s hair.

And still, I was in a good mood!  My son asked why I was in a good mood.  I told him I’m tired of feeling bad so I’m trying to feel better.  He smiled and hugged me. He quickly got back to normal, though.  No worries.  He was not abducted by aliens that forced him to hug me or anything.

Did you know that for the past several months (not sure how long exactly – seems that a fog is lifting and I cannot remember how long it’s been there), all I’ve wanted to do after work is go to sleep or read a book or just be alone?  That I struggled to find energy to interact with the kids, to cook dinner and to actually care whether the house is clean or the laundry is done?  I had to set reminders (alarms) on my phone to remind me that the toilet needed to be cleaned, the dishwasher turned on, the dogs fed and the trash taken out.  I’m not sure exactly what was going on.  I’ve just been in a funk.  Stress from parenting difficult children, single parenting in general, work, grief – all combined to create an overload for me, I guess, and I sort of shut down emotionally.

Well, I finally talked to my doctor about it last week and was prescribed some medication.  I’m also going to see a counselor to talk about all the stuff that has been pushing me over the edge.  In addition, I’ll be going back to my doctor for scheduled follow-up visits to make sure I don’t have adverse side effects from the medicine.

So far, I cannot see any.  Besides that I’m staying up a bit too late because I’m not tired when it’s bedtime.   🙂

love, heartache, media

Have you ever known someone who made your heart leap when you heard their voice?  Someone who’s presence in your life made your heart feel happy? Even when you’re not right next to them or even in the same city, just knowing that they’re part of your life makes your days seem brighter.  The connection and love shared transcends distance and time.

Have you ever missed someone so much that you actually had a physical ache deep inside in a place you didn’t realize could actually ache? Have you felt that the world was dark and lonely if they walked out of your life? I hadn’t realized that the term “heartache” could actually mean physical aching until I felt it for myself.  I always thought people were just being dramatic when they said their heart ached.  I did not feel this ache when I went through my divorce.  During that time, I felt anger, hurt, betrayal, rejection, and depression, but not physical heartache.

When I read New Moon, book two in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, I felt this heartache all over again in sympathy for the characters.  I think Stephenie Meyer must have lived through a heartache of her own at one time or another.  How else could she have described the emotion and pain so well had she not?

In the same book, I recognized the pure joy of truly loving someone in her words describing Bella’s relationships with Edward, Jacob and Charlie.  These three relationships of Bella’s are very different, a soulmate (as much as I dislike that term, it’s the best word to describe the connection between Edward and Bella), a true friend and a parent, but all three relationships resonate with the pure love she has for each.

The ability Stephenie Meyer has to relate to teens as well as adults shows us not only that she is an excellent author but also that the reader is a huge part of a book.  The experiences a reader brings to the characters and storylines are based on their life, hopes, dreams, relationships and goals.  This shapes the story differently in each reader’s mind.

J, my 12 yr old daughter, said that she doesn’t like to read books until she’s seen the movie so she can see it in her head more clearly.  I’m the opposite.  I like to read the book first because I like to create my own characters based on the descriptions the author pens.

Do we still say that an author pens when so many type and never use a pen anymore?

People at work have asked me why I read all the time and why I like to read novels instead of just magazines or newspapers.  They say they had rather watch television so they can see it being acted out.  I would rather read than watch television, because I like reading what the character is thinking.  It’s harder to fold laundry and cook dinner when reading, but that’s why we love audiobooks, right?  🙂

Obviously, I’m endlessly fascinated with the way people process words and books in their mind and what their media preferences are.  That’s probably incredibly nerdy.

I’m ok with that.


The kids and I saw Twilight yesterday.  We’re going to see it again today with my good friend, C.  She’s seen the movie twice already.  Actually, I’ve mentioned before that she and my oldest daughter are who introduced me to the Stephenie Meyer books.

I enjoyed the movie.  A lot. The important parts of the book remained although a few elements were added to move the storyline along.  While I’d love to see a movie made exactly as the book is written, I know that’s not really practical.

My kids each have their own favorite character.

B, my 15 yr old daughter, has a huge crush on Jacob Black:

Book two, New Moon, is her favorite because of how his character develops and plays a big role in the storyline.

J, 13 yr old son, liked James best.  J. has liked this actor in other movies and wants to figure out an exercise routine that will give him a stomach like his.

J, 12 yr old daughter, has put her tent right in the middle of Camp Edward.  She was not interested at all in reading the books until now.

Me?  The Edward in my head is MUCH cuter than the movie version, but the movie grew on me as I watched.  About halfway through I started thinking that the characters looked right.  A few times I thought the angle of the camera made Edward’s head look too big for his body – like a Bratz doll – and of course, no human actor one could move with as much grace as Edward and the Cullens did in the book.  That’s not a drawback in any way, but was noticeable.

I’m looking forward to seeing it again this afternoon and many more times in the future.  🙂

C, these are for you!

The Rat Pack

Live at Sand Springs was a good show.  I was able to volunteer last weekend when the show was performed in Oklahoma City.

I didn’t realize that I would know as many of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.’s songs as I did.  While I enjoyed the music a lot, I didn’t like the parts between songs so much.  Oh well.. can’t win ’em all, right?  🙂


In exactly one month, I will be thirty-nine years old.  It seems so strange to say that.  For some reason, when I was a kid I thought I’d feel different when I was this age, that I’d feel old somehow.  Of course, I thought I was invincible then, so my vision of my future self was a bit skewed.

My kids told me recently that I am not old because I’m not forty yet.



They don’t know that I’ve spotted a few gray hairs recently.  Right in the front as luck would have it.  Why can’t those things appear in the back of my head underneath the other hair?  The kids would be gasping for air in fits of giggles over this discovery.  But some things are for adults only, and I believe the discussion of gray hair, especially gray hair that happens to be sprouting on my head, falls into that category.

OKC ghouls

The weekend before Halloween, Mom and I were downtown.  We didn’t realize that there was a big event going on about a block away from where we were eating dinner.  Well, not at first.  We started seeing people dressed as ghouls/skeletons.

We saw ghouls putting on make-up by their cars (one was using a Mary Kay cosmetics compact – I found that amusing),

in the restaurant eating dinner with lights in their capes,

and with rainbow clown wigs (the child has on a ghoul costume but it’s hard to tell from the angle in this photo).

It made for interesting dining conversation, if nothing else.  🙂

The event:  The Flaming Lips and the March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons.


Tonight the kids and I are going to see Twilight with a good friend of mine.  Can’t wait!


My neighbors who live two houses down have decorated the outside of their house for Christmas.  On Monday evening when I came home from work, this is part of what I saw:

one year ago