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So I went back to work Monday morning to find a huge pile of papers in my inbox, a bazillion emails to answer and a long list of voicemails.  It really pays to go on vacation.  *sigh*

No, really, it was completely worth it and I’m so glad we went.  I need to find a way, though, to avoid the overwhelmed feeling when returning.  It’s a bit stressful.

I searched online for a photo of “overwhelmed,” thinking I’d find a business-person drowning in a sea of paperwork, but all the good photos I found (that were not restricted by our recommended settings for ages 14-18 by K9 Web Protection, which I am completely impressed with, in case you were wondering) require purchase and I don’t feel like purchasing a photo of some nameless person drowning in paperwork when I can imagine it quite nicely on my own.

I did, however find this lovely free photo of the week at iStockphoto.com (a site of stock photography that can be purchased for VERY reasonable prices), where I will be purchasing photography if a future need arises.

I’ve decided that she looks overwhelmed by all the sequins and beads.  And possibly also by her long fingernails.  Afterall, she’d have a hard time putting in contact lenses or picking scratching her nose.  And how would you type with those things?  Yes, this is definitely a good photo of “overwhelmed.”


We’re home

The kids and I spent the past week in Branson, MO since the kids had fall break last week.  We swam (the resort had an indoor pool – and the kids “swam” in the jacuzzi that was in the bedroom I slept in), puttered around in antique shops, went sightseeing, to a show, a museum and an amusement park.  I have photos to post (most likely tomorrow) and many stories to share.

We got home at 3am this morning (don’t ask – a bit of craziness there).  I slept for about 4 hours after finally getting settled back into our house.  I’m scattered and need a nap.

It’s amazing how my fingers feel like big blumbering logs after not typing anything for a week.  I’m actually having to think about which key to press with which finger as I’m typing this.  I can’t wait for that weirdness to be over so I can type without thinking about it again.

Our pets were so excited when we came in this morning.  I loved seeing their happy faces and hearing the cute little happy noises they made.  We’ve paid extra attention to them today so now they’re not feeling so neglected anymore.  I’m so thankful my sister and her family live nearby and that they were willing to come by and feed the furry/feathery welcoming committee each day.  I really didn’t want to board them in a kennel.

Hope you all had a great week!


Can you guess whose hands these are?

creepy crawly

The kids got a big thrill when they saw this giant spider hanging out at a local furniture store.

The Pajama Game

I was able to volunteer at “The Pajama Game” a few nights ago. I always enjoy volunteering, but I must have been way too tired this time. The show was good, the singing and dancing was enjoyable, but I was yawning and antsy by intermission.

Before the show started, two members of the cast came up to the balcony (where my station was) to look down at the stage. They were so cute. They kept saying that they couldn’t believe they’d be singing for people sitting up there, that their voices would be projecting that far. As they left, I told them that I hoped the show went well for them. They beamed with happiness when I said, “Break a leg!” Seeing their excitement was one of the best parts of the night.

Today my name is…

The other night I couldn’t find my name tag, so I was Julie in honor of my little sis. 🙂

I know you’re impressed with my self-portrait taking abilities, you don’t have to say it. Ha!

Oklahoma’s animals

When we went over to get a new string for J’s viola recently, we passed under a bridge with this mural representing two of Oklahoma’s state animals: the buffalo and the scissor-tailed flycatcher.

Want to see the mural for yourself?  Turn west on the 36th street exit off of I-235N in Oklahoma City.