• October 2008
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tool time belt builds a shelf

When the kids and I were driving to Branson, we listened to a lot of different music, including the latest Jonas Brothers CD.  One of the songs is called SHELF.

One of the lines of the chorus (at 1 min 15 seconds ) of this song sounds like,

the next guy who will make your tool time belt

As I was singing along, much to my daughters’ chagrin, I wondered what a tool time belt had to do with the rest of the song.  Yes, I have recently seen reruns of Home Improvement on Nick-at-Night.  You know you’ve watched Tim and Al, too.  It’s not nerdy to admit it, I promise.

When the girls realized that I was singing different words than they were, they told me that the words are,

the next guy who will make your cold heart melt

Those lyrics are not as much fun, I must say.  I think I have a great song lyric writing career ahead of me.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll be helping the JoBros write lyrics for their next CD.  Won’t my kids be excited about that!  🙂

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  1. Too Funny!

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