• October 2008
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So I went back to work Monday morning to find a huge pile of papers in my inbox, a bazillion emails to answer and a long list of voicemails.  It really pays to go on vacation.  *sigh*

No, really, it was completely worth it and I’m so glad we went.  I need to find a way, though, to avoid the overwhelmed feeling when returning.  It’s a bit stressful.

I searched online for a photo of “overwhelmed,” thinking I’d find a business-person drowning in a sea of paperwork, but all the good photos I found (that were not restricted by our recommended settings for ages 14-18 by K9 Web Protection, which I am completely impressed with, in case you were wondering) require purchase and I don’t feel like purchasing a photo of some nameless person drowning in paperwork when I can imagine it quite nicely on my own.

I did, however find this lovely free photo of the week at iStockphoto.com (a site of stock photography that can be purchased for VERY reasonable prices), where I will be purchasing photography if a future need arises.

I’ve decided that she looks overwhelmed by all the sequins and beads.  And possibly also by her long fingernails.  Afterall, she’d have a hard time putting in contact lenses or picking scratching her nose.  And how would you type with those things?  Yes, this is definitely a good photo of “overwhelmed.”

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