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parenting a child with diabetes

Last night, I posted something over at tudiabetes.com (an amazing online community for people touched by diabetes) to another parent whose pre-teen child with Type I Diabetes is also struggling.  This is my view on how to help J. learn to manage her disease, how to let go and let her take over, how to encourage her to not let this disease hinder her from doing everything she wants to do in life.  Here’s my post (edited a bit to be more reader-friendly for the general public):

My 12 yr old daughter was diagnosed almost 2 yrs ago (December 18, 2006) with Type I Diabetes. It’s a challenge. I know that (type I) kids want to be like everyone else and not have to worry about their blood sugar and insulin all the time… and it’s not fair… it just is what it is.

I’m learning to let this be J.’s disease, to treat her with respect when she makes poor choices, love her and support her while encouraging her to make good choices. Ultimately, as hard as it is, I have to let go because it’s not my disease, not my choice, not my life. I’m hoping that J. will continue to talk to me and share her life with me (well, most of the time, at least… she is a pre-teen after all), that she will continue to want to feel good and to learn from poor choices.

It’s hard to learn to trust after “deceit” from a child, especially when we know how it could impact their body in the future, isn’t it? I learned from many here who have had Type I Diabetes for many years that fussing, yelling, worrying constantly or trying to control my child’s choices is not the answer to helping her learn to manage her disease.

not enough to do

Today, I was able to finish a huge project that must be postmarked by tomorrow – 30 days after the end of the  3rd quarter. Nothing like waiting until the last possible moment, huh?  I guess I like living on the edge.  I don’t like the stress or lack of sleep, though.

Evidently, I don’t have enough to do each day and need a bit more on my plate, so I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month, where participants sign up write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days during the month of November.  I’ve also signed up for National Blog Posting Month, where participants pledge to post on their blog at least once each day for 30 days. If nothing else, I’ll be crazy by the end of November and it will be well documented here for my children, family and future medical professionals.  🙂

I’ve put cute little badges in the left sidebar to show that I’m committed to completing these two projects.  Want some cute little badges of your own?  Go sign up and join me for a fun, busy month!

concerned about diabulemia

I’m concerned.  Very concerned about my child.

Diabulemia.  A word that scares me.

Reading about eating disorders.

Girls and women with distorted body image.

Poor diabetes control.

Eating that’s almost binge-like.  Says it’s because of boredom.

Not bolusing for food. Not just every once in a while.  Consistently.

Appointment with endocrinologist and counselor Friday morning.  Hoping for advise, suggestions, ways to help her own and manage this disease.


The garage sale wasn’t stellar, but we did ok.  After it was over, we filled the back of Mom and Dad’s Ford Ranger with one load of trash that was taken to the recycling center and one load of things that were donated to GoodWill.  We now only need to move the tables back to Mom and Dad’s house and we’re done.  My garage is clean (only needs to be swept) and we both have a little more cash in our pockets.

I like the feeling of accomplishment when I think of all that has been cleared out and given a new home.

garage sale

Oh. My. Goodness.  I think I really must be crazy.  My sister and I are having a garage sale.  Not Julie.  Chrissie.  Since she’s the sister who lives 4 miles away and not 20 bazillion miles away in the huge state we don’t want to waltz across that’s directly to the south of Oklahoma.  🙂

I just put up the three city-approved signs.  One has to be in my yard, and the other two are down the street and around the corner to guide garage salers to my home to buy things that we no longer want to store in my garage.

Usually, I’d rather just throw stuff out or give it to Goodwill instead of listing it on eBay, Craigslist or saving it for a garage sale. Once I want to be rid of it, I don’t like to have it hanging around taking up space.

So, why am I having a garage sale?  To clean out the garage, of course!  And also to keep from adding more to the landfill.  We’ve got to make room in the garage for the rinsing, sorting, storing and recycling bins that 15 yr old daughter is in charge of.  I’m thankful that the recycling center is about 2 miles from my home, so we’ll be emptying our recycling bins there each weekto keep it from piling up too much in the garage.

tool time belt builds a shelf

When the kids and I were driving to Branson, we listened to a lot of different music, including the latest Jonas Brothers CD.  One of the songs is called SHELF.

One of the lines of the chorus (at 1 min 15 seconds ) of this song sounds like,

the next guy who will make your tool time belt

As I was singing along, much to my daughters’ chagrin, I wondered what a tool time belt had to do with the rest of the song.  Yes, I have recently seen reruns of Home Improvement on Nick-at-Night.  You know you’ve watched Tim and Al, too.  It’s not nerdy to admit it, I promise.

When the girls realized that I was singing different words than they were, they told me that the words are,

the next guy who will make your cold heart melt

Those lyrics are not as much fun, I must say.  I think I have a great song lyric writing career ahead of me.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll be helping the JoBros write lyrics for their next CD.  Won’t my kids be excited about that!  🙂

Hello Darlin’

When we were in Branson, the kids and I browsed around in a lot of antique stores and flea markets.  The kids have acquired a love for the search, as I have.

One afternoon, we were walking through a flea market that had a little radio tuned to a local radio station and hidden on a top shelf down one of the aisles.  As 15 yr daughter walked by, a voice said, “HELLO DARLIN’, nice to see you.”  She jumped a mile high and was looking around to see if her brother was playing a joke on her before she realized it was part of a song.  I cannot tell you when we’ve laughed so hard.

Here, for your viewing and listening pleasure is Conway Twitty singing/saying those famous words:

I hope this doesn’t start playing automatically when my page opens.  I generally do not like when things on blogs/websites start playing without giving me a choice in the matter.  If the embedded video does this, please accept my apologies.


So I went back to work Monday morning to find a huge pile of papers in my inbox, a bazillion emails to answer and a long list of voicemails.  It really pays to go on vacation.  *sigh*

No, really, it was completely worth it and I’m so glad we went.  I need to find a way, though, to avoid the overwhelmed feeling when returning.  It’s a bit stressful.

I searched online for a photo of “overwhelmed,” thinking I’d find a business-person drowning in a sea of paperwork, but all the good photos I found (that were not restricted by our recommended settings for ages 14-18 by K9 Web Protection, which I am completely impressed with, in case you were wondering) require purchase and I don’t feel like purchasing a photo of some nameless person drowning in paperwork when I can imagine it quite nicely on my own.

I did, however find this lovely free photo of the week at iStockphoto.com (a site of stock photography that can be purchased for VERY reasonable prices), where I will be purchasing photography if a future need arises.

I’ve decided that she looks overwhelmed by all the sequins and beads.  And possibly also by her long fingernails.  Afterall, she’d have a hard time putting in contact lenses or picking scratching her nose.  And how would you type with those things?  Yes, this is definitely a good photo of “overwhelmed.”

We’re home

The kids and I spent the past week in Branson, MO since the kids had fall break last week.  We swam (the resort had an indoor pool – and the kids “swam” in the jacuzzi that was in the bedroom I slept in), puttered around in antique shops, went sightseeing, to a show, a museum and an amusement park.  I have photos to post (most likely tomorrow) and many stories to share.

We got home at 3am this morning (don’t ask – a bit of craziness there).  I slept for about 4 hours after finally getting settled back into our house.  I’m scattered and need a nap.

It’s amazing how my fingers feel like big blumbering logs after not typing anything for a week.  I’m actually having to think about which key to press with which finger as I’m typing this.  I can’t wait for that weirdness to be over so I can type without thinking about it again.

Our pets were so excited when we came in this morning.  I loved seeing their happy faces and hearing the cute little happy noises they made.  We’ve paid extra attention to them today so now they’re not feeling so neglected anymore.  I’m so thankful my sister and her family live nearby and that they were willing to come by and feed the furry/feathery welcoming committee each day.  I really didn’t want to board them in a kennel.

Hope you all had a great week!


Can you guess whose hands these are?

creepy crawly

The kids got a big thrill when they saw this giant spider hanging out at a local furniture store.

The Pajama Game

I was able to volunteer at “The Pajama Game” a few nights ago. I always enjoy volunteering, but I must have been way too tired this time. The show was good, the singing and dancing was enjoyable, but I was yawning and antsy by intermission.

Before the show started, two members of the cast came up to the balcony (where my station was) to look down at the stage. They were so cute. They kept saying that they couldn’t believe they’d be singing for people sitting up there, that their voices would be projecting that far. As they left, I told them that I hoped the show went well for them. They beamed with happiness when I said, “Break a leg!” Seeing their excitement was one of the best parts of the night.

Today my name is…

The other night I couldn’t find my name tag, so I was Julie in honor of my little sis. 🙂

I know you’re impressed with my self-portrait taking abilities, you don’t have to say it. Ha!

Oklahoma’s animals

When we went over to get a new string for J’s viola recently, we passed under a bridge with this mural representing two of Oklahoma’s state animals: the buffalo and the scissor-tailed flycatcher.

Want to see the mural for yourself?  Turn west on the 36th street exit off of I-235N in Oklahoma City.

through the lens

When J. and I were at her most recent endocrinology appointment, we played around with our phones/cameras when waiting for the doctor to come in. Did you know that if you hold your hand out like J. is doing, you can take a photo of your hand holding a sink or a mirror, even an exam table.  J. found endless entertainment with her giant (through the lens) hands holding the sink and mirror.

She especially liked pinching my head.

Pretending to pinch someone’s head off could probably help with stress relief, huh?

I’m glad it’s only through the lens.  🙂