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Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been looking forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy all summer.  Guess what?  I totally forgot it was coming on tonight.  I’ve been catching up on email, cooking dinner, recording blood sugar numbers, urging J. to check her ketones and drink more water, visiting with the kids, tra-la-la!  Then I realized, when I saw that it was 8:39pm, that I’d missed 40 minutes of the 2 hour show!  My tv is now on the correct channel, and is paused so I can watch it in a bit when things calm down some around here.  Bedtime is always a flurry of activity.  Making sure we have clothes for tomorrow, showers taken, J. checking her blood sugar, teeth brushed, and that the kitchen is cleaned comes ahead of almost everything else.

Tonight, J. has been drinking tons of water and giving herself correction boluses to bring her blood sugar back to her normal range.  This afternoon she called me from school, feeling nauseated, crampy and icky with high blood sugar and ketones.  We’ve spent the afternoon with the blood sugar meter, big glasses of water and ketone strips handy.  Her ketones are down to moderate now, her blood sugar is gradually dropping, and her spirits seem better.

If I fall asleep before I watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight, I’ll just watch it online sometime this weekend.


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