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about those recent searches…

Steven Cojocaru and kidney disease – I wrote about a wonderful interview I listened to by Steve Bertrand with Steven Cojocaru.

3D – I always have people at my blog who have been searching for 3D.  The only time I’ve written 3D are when I was wondering about it always showing up as a search term and when the girls saw the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3D movie this past year.

Broken underwire – I wrote about a broken underwire a while back.  No one questioned the use of the word seiboob.  Hint:  read it backwards. 🙂

Johnny Depp’s handwriting – I do not have a photo of Johnny Depp’s handwriting posted on my blog.  I can understand wanting to see it, though.  I do have some nice photos of Mr. Depp that I’ve posted, though.  This is one of my favorites.

“bigger feet” daughter – In February 2007, I officially had the smallest feet in my household.  I posted about it here.   I have enjoyed having smaller feet than my daughters.  They no longer ruin my shoes.

“large ketones”-“low carb” I’ve written about the challenge of helping my 12 yr old daughter learn to manage her type I diabetes many times.  Ketones in the urine is one of the signs that she doesn’t have enough insulin.

NCP for labor pains – Right after Labor Day this year, I posted a meme called Labor pains.  It had lots of details about when my children were born that I won’t repeat.  I’m not sure what NCP for labor pains is (didn’t take time to google it to see what came up).   EDIT:  I looked it up.  NCP = nursing care plan.  I didn’t have one of those when I was having my children.

birthday text to ex in her thoughts – I’m not sure how this search brought anyone to my blog, unless it was this post.

going to holland disability – I was emailed the poem Going to Holland right after J. was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in December 2006.  It put many of my jumbled emotions into words.  I still go back and read it from time to time.


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