• September 2008
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When I was reading through some of my favorite blogs on Google Reader, I saw a meme that Annie posted today that had anagrams from the title of her blog.  So, being the curious one that I am, I went straight over to WordSmith.org/anagram to see what anagrams could be made from the title of my blog.

My favorites are:

Hogwashes Salt Lush

Seawall Ghost Shush

Whales Hauls Ghosts

Ashes Shallow Thugs

Funny, huh?

If only my name were Nartalie, an anagram could be ALIEN ART.  🙂

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  1. Oh my word. That website is so cool! Hours of fun. I wish I knew about that in college, it would have helped me remember a lot of stuff for quizzes and tests!

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