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lost and found

Lost: 2 pounds.  Progress!   Baby steps, I keep reminding myself.  Baby steps!

Found: a great new Twitter tool for a blog food journal by Roni of Roni’s Weigh.

Go to Roni’s Tweet, Eat, Post Generator, see how to format your tweets.  At the end of the day, get the code to add your daily food journal to your blog.  Very cool, right? And very simple, thanks to Roni’s hard work!

Lately, I’ve been bored with writing in a paper journal.  I constantly have my cell phone and tweet a lot.  This seems to be the answer!  Thanks, Roni!  🙂

Yes, I know this means I am a geek, the fact that I enjoy tweeting, my excitement over a tool that creates a table/journal for my blog so I can torture all of you with lists of what I eat each day.  I am ok with this.

Here’s my (not very healthy) food journal for today:

Food Units
*morning* coffee with cocoa 2
*noon* blt with curly fries 13
dr pepper 3
*evening* chick fil-a sandwich and waffle fries 15
Total: 33

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I also drank a ton of water, but didn’t tweet it.


I’ve been at my job for five years today.

Happy Anniversary to me!  🙂

I heart JCPenney!

Recently, I got to go shopping at JCPenney with BlogHer’s Fashion Editor Susan.  Did I mention that it was free?  It was just like shopping with Trinny and Susannah, or Stacy and Clinton except it was me and we were in Oklahoma City and Susan didn’t make me throw out any of the clothes I already own.

It was a lot of fun to shop with her and to get another opinion about which clothes, shoes and bags to try and which styles work best for me.

Read all about my shopping adventure here.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been looking forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy all summer.  Guess what?  I totally forgot it was coming on tonight.  I’ve been catching up on email, cooking dinner, recording blood sugar numbers, urging J. to check her ketones and drink more water, visiting with the kids, tra-la-la!  Then I realized, when I saw that it was 8:39pm, that I’d missed 40 minutes of the 2 hour show!  My tv is now on the correct channel, and is paused so I can watch it in a bit when things calm down some around here.  Bedtime is always a flurry of activity.  Making sure we have clothes for tomorrow, showers taken, J. checking her blood sugar, teeth brushed, and that the kitchen is cleaned comes ahead of almost everything else.

Tonight, J. has been drinking tons of water and giving herself correction boluses to bring her blood sugar back to her normal range.  This afternoon she called me from school, feeling nauseated, crampy and icky with high blood sugar and ketones.  We’ve spent the afternoon with the blood sugar meter, big glasses of water and ketone strips handy.  Her ketones are down to moderate now, her blood sugar is gradually dropping, and her spirits seem better.

If I fall asleep before I watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight, I’ll just watch it online sometime this weekend.

aftershocks, seven years later

The kids’ dad and I have been divorced for seven years.  I was shocked last night when my son told me that he often wishes that his dad and I were still married.  I mean, I know it’s not unusual for kids to wish for that, that they’d like to have an intact nuclear family, but I guess I hadn’t thought about how it effected him on a daily basis.  He said he really misses his dad and would like to see him more.  He thinks that the only way he’ll be able to see his dad more would be for us to be remarried.  Sadly, this is probably true, since XH hasn’t figured out the whole visitation thing.  He hasn’t had the kids for an overnight since summer of 2005.

Son said that he doesn’t remember us being married.  He was four years old when his dad left for the year tour in Korea where he met his wife (who was also stationed there for that year).  Our divorce was final about 6 months after he got back.

While I feel sad for my son and some guilt for him not having an intact nuclear family, I don’t feel badly enough about it to want to be married to XH again.  That relationship was not healthy for me and I know I’m a better parent, a better person, a healthier (emotionally) person when I’m not in a relationship with him.

ship of fools?

Do you ever feel like you’re on a ship that’s lost it’s captain in the midst of a storm with waves crashing all around?  I keep hoping that each tomorrow (workday) will bring a brighter day, but am constantly barraged by more stormy weather from all sides.

I’m looking for Captain Jack to skillfully sail the ship through the murky waters and stormy nights, but he’s elusive, just out of my reach, slipping through my fingers just as I almost reach him. While we’re in these rough waters I find myself wondering why the rum is always gone?

I have to believe that while I may be on a crazy ship going into uncharted territory, headed for new adventures, wild journeys and new discoveries, it’s not a sinking ship of fools.  Good days and happy times are ahead.  I’m keeping a weather eye on the horizon.

Until then, guard the boat, mind the tide . . . don’t touch my dirt!

about those recent searches…

Steven Cojocaru and kidney disease – I wrote about a wonderful interview I listened to by Steve Bertrand with Steven Cojocaru.

3D – I always have people at my blog who have been searching for 3D.  The only time I’ve written 3D are when I was wondering about it always showing up as a search term and when the girls saw the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3D movie this past year.

Broken underwire – I wrote about a broken underwire a while back.  No one questioned the use of the word seiboob.  Hint:  read it backwards. 🙂

Johnny Depp’s handwriting – I do not have a photo of Johnny Depp’s handwriting posted on my blog.  I can understand wanting to see it, though.  I do have some nice photos of Mr. Depp that I’ve posted, though.  This is one of my favorites.

“bigger feet” daughter – In February 2007, I officially had the smallest feet in my household.  I posted about it here.   I have enjoyed having smaller feet than my daughters.  They no longer ruin my shoes.

“large ketones”-“low carb” I’ve written about the challenge of helping my 12 yr old daughter learn to manage her type I diabetes many times.  Ketones in the urine is one of the signs that she doesn’t have enough insulin.

NCP for labor pains – Right after Labor Day this year, I posted a meme called Labor pains.  It had lots of details about when my children were born that I won’t repeat.  I’m not sure what NCP for labor pains is (didn’t take time to google it to see what came up).   EDIT:  I looked it up.  NCP = nursing care plan.  I didn’t have one of those when I was having my children.

birthday text to ex in her thoughts – I’m not sure how this search brought anyone to my blog, unless it was this post.

going to holland disability – I was emailed the poem Going to Holland right after J. was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in December 2006.  It put many of my jumbled emotions into words.  I still go back and read it from time to time.