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Happy Day, Oprah!

I used to have a lot of traffic to my blog looking for Oprah Winfrey’s birthday. Since I switched blogging platforms and deleted the old blog, I rarely get traffic looking for Oprah.

People came to read this post from 2006, January 29 to be exact, when I wrote about Oprah’s birthday.

Today is Oprah Winfrey’s birthday (1954). I guess I should wish her a happy birthday, since my oldest daughter thinks that Oprah has been a better mother to her than I have been. She told me this yesterday, as I was standing my ground about the cleanliness of her bedroom.

Oprah is a better mother because, “she knows what she is talking about.” I don’t know anything these days.. afterall, I am the meanest mom in the universe….having that title takes away brain cells, you know.

I guess oldest daughter missed the Frey incident on Oprah’s show this past week. (pretend I’ve inserted an eye-rolling smiley face here) I wonder if seeing Oprah lambast an author that she previously publicly supported would change her view of her surrogate/pretend mom. It has tarnished my view a bit, I have to say. But this isn’t about that really, is it?

I didn’t mention to oldest daughter that Oprah wouldn’t put up with a messy bedroom or backtalk & that perhaps the reason Oprah didn’t have children was to avoid having children with messy bedrooms & smart mouths.

Oldest daughter has since apologized. I just found it ironic that she said that yesterday & today is Oprah’s birthday.

I was looking at the search queries that bring people to my site and thought about the days of Oprah searches. I used to crack up about it because I’m definitely not an Oprah expert or anything.

Anyway, Happy 54 years + 7 months day, Oprah!

2 Responses

  1. Great minds think alike! I featured Oprah on the blog today as well.

    Like your daughter, I was once an avid supporter but times have changed and Oprah is no longer at the top of my, “People I would give my left arm to meet” list. She’s still on it. Just not at the top.

    People used to visit my blog quite often looking for answers to the burning question: Does Bret Michaels have hair under that bandana?

    Oh yeah, I’m a truth seeker, a hard core journalist. That’s me.

  2. Hi Natalie!

    I am Judd Corizan. I produce a new meme called Sunday Stealing. It’s located at: http://sundaystealing.blogspot.com. It’s a meme I am producing that originated on Bud Weiser’s WTIT Blog. I am now heading up the meme that you can play every Sunday. What we do is search for the best memes in the blogosphere and steal them. We always contact the blog’s owner and fess up to the theft and give them a link.

    It has been incredibly popular on Bud’s blog and Bud has always encouraged his readers to steal it as well. Sunday Stealing introduced the infamous “CD Cover” meme to hundreds of readers. And that is the best part. Every week the meme will always be different. We’ve contacted since you have played Saturday 9, which is as hot a meme as there is on the internet. Naturally, we got permission from Samantha Winters (Crazy Sam) and she is excited about our meme and was thrilled to help. We’ve exchanges links/ads!

    We did a “dry run” on this past Sunday and will go live on this Sunday August 31st! We hope you join us. We hope you’ll join in! And if you haven’t played Saturday: 9 in a while, I promised Sam I’d invite you play again at http://saturday9.blogspot.com.


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