• August 2008
    S M T W T F S
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long weekend

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. My plans include attempting to restore some dignity to my flourishing flower weed beds.

When I walked out to the car this morning, I saw a weed that was at eye level.  Eye. Level.  I’m not sure how that thing grew 2 feet overnight, but it was not there the night before when I came home.  How could I have missed something that tall waving right in my face?  I couldn’t.  Therefore, it grew like magic overnight to greet me this morning.

I think my son has been taking the same vitamins as that super growing weed.  That thing is no longer a resident in my thriving walkway (my son lives in the house, not the walkway).

Aside from working on the flowerbed, my tentative plans include catching up on sleep, hanging out with the kids, taking in a movie, and browsing the Arts Festival or visiting a museum or local landmark.

I just realized that this Friday will be our last football free Friday evening for quite a while.  Yet another reason to savor the weekend.  🙂