• August 2008
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do you hear that squeaking sound?


Why do school personnel insist that J. does not need a 504 plan for her diabetes care?

When is school nurse going to return my calls about meeting with middle school administrators and teachers to discuss diabetes plan? I faxed in the diabetes care plan (signed by J’s endocrinologist) on the second day of school.  I received it in the mail the day before school started.

Why do I have to be the squeaky wheel to ever get anything done regarding her diabetes care?

What about kids/people with no advocate?  Who is the squeaky wheel for them?

Do you know what I mean by “squeaky wheel”? Remember that saying about the squeaky wheel getting the grease?  Well, I’ve found that if I am kind yet persistent (to the point of insistent), I get more done.  I’m sure the school office personnel LOVE me, but that’s ok.  I am not looking to be their buddy.

My mom says that this behavior is like the persistent widow.  My dad says Mom and I are like little yippy dogs that bark and yip and bark until they get what they want.  I say I’m going to be like a squeaky wheel and that no one is going to notice what J. needs unless I squeak about it until it gets fixed.  When it’s fixed, I will hush and let things run smoothly, as things should run.   🙂