• August 2008
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Over the past year or so, I’ve made quite a few recipes from Kraft Foods and have really liked them. The kids liked them, too. This week, I’m feeling completely uninspired when it comes to menu planning, grocery shopping and food preparation, so I’m turning to Kraft to help me out. When I looked at the dinner recipes section, I saw the 1 bag, 5 dinners page. I’ve wanted to try some of these recipes for a while, so this week I’m taking the plunge.

Our dinners will be these: Bag 1 of the chicken and beef menu. The kids and I chose this menu because it has things that are kid-friendly. I also liked this one because meatballs are easy to make if I don’t want to use store-bought ones – or I can use frozen meatballs if I don’t feel like messing with making them.

With the menu and recipes printed out and posted on the fridge, the kids can start dinner and have it almost ready by the time I get home, which any parent loves. I feel relieved with the decision made and only the shopping left to do.

Added bonus: Kraft Foods has the nutritional values listed per serving for each recipe, so no extra work is required for J. to know how much insulin she’ll need to cover her carbs for dinner.

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